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      Nothing makes writing easier than a pen that feels "just right" in your hand. Research papers and business reports are two projects that go more smoothly when you use your favorite pen. Writing the initial outline by hand instead of typing is a very effective way to transfer ideas from your brain to the paper. Use your favorite felt-tip pen for jotting down ideas or choose a ballpoint pen for scribbling thoughts or quotations on note cards. If you like your pens to make a more formal impression, keep a fountain pen in your purse, briefcase or desk. While you'll find disposable high-quality fountain pens, most are made for decades of writing. Fountain pens are offered in traditional black or blue ink as well as green, pink, purple and red. Some are made with jewelry-grade metal accents or herringbone patterns for a pen that offers high fashion as well as high function. Ballpoint pens are the most popular style of pen for good reason. Whether you are taking notes in a meeting, doodling during class, drawing a portrait, making a to-do list or writing a quick reminder on a sticky note, you'll find that ballpoint pens are a convenient, budget-friendly option. You'll find these pens sold in a range of point sizes and types, including bold, chisel, fine, microtip and needle. Calligraphy pens and sets are offered as well. Want to make a good impression on a loved one or colleague? Handwrite and mail a letter, birthday card or thank-you note with any style of pen! If you work in a retail setting or other cash business, check out Office Depot's counterfeit detector pens. Use one of these specialty pens to draw on a suspicious bill and, depending on the shade of ink that appears, determine whether or not the bill is counterfeit.

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