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Poly Bags

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Make packaging products and mailing items an easy process with a wide assortment of poly bags and shipping bags to choose from. Your shipping room will be well-stocked and ready for business with an array of pre-sized storage bags as well as custom-sized options. From poly bags that hold miniature parts and hardware to bags that cover entire pallets, there are many options for size, quantity and protection available.

Flat Poly Bags and Reclosable Poly Bags

When packaging multiple items that need to stay together, poly bags and shipping bags are a great option, allowing small parts, food items, computer hardware and other objects to stay contained during the shipping process. Flat poly bags require external accessories in order to stay closed (like a twist-tie or heat sealer), while some resealable poly bags use a track zipper for quick opening and closing.

Miscellaneous Poly Bags and Accessories

Need to keep flat poly bags shut while they're being mailed? With plenty of twist ties, bag tape and heat sealers to choose from, it's simple to select the most convenient option for your business. Our selection of miscellaneous poly bags features bags with a unique twist, like door-knob bags, which can be placed directly on door handles, or antistatic bags that shield electronic parts from static electricity buildup.

Pallet Covers

Shipping bags aren't just for small-size products. They also come in large sizes to slip right over massive shipment pallets. Pallet covers come on rolls and are perforated, so individual bags can be quickly torn off and used. Use a pallet cover to shield pallets against debris accumulation and moisture damage.

Poly Tubing and Sheeting

Can't find poly bag sizes to suit your company's mailing needs? Purchase a poly tubing roll to make custom-size poly bags. A poly tubing roll cuts down on unnecessary spending, since you don't have to buy bulk packs of poly bags in various sizes. Poly sheeting rolls can be unwound and placed on the top of pallets to prevent dirt and dust from soiling the surface.

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