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      Sticky notes & Post It Notes are a great tool for writing reminders and keeping things organized. From the introduction of the original Canary Yellow Post-it® note in 1980, the 3” x 3” sticky note has become a ubiquitous mainstay in offices, homes, schools and everywhere in between. Busy professionals, students and teachers find that sticky notes and productivity go hand in hand allowing them to prioritize important tasks and reminders.


      Available today in a wide array of colors, sizes, and styles, sticky notes have been transformed by continuous innovation to meet the needs of today’s contemporary consumers. We carry a wide variety of sticky note options such as lined notes, arrows, flags and super sticky notes to assist you with planning, strategizing and communicating.


      The uses for  Post-it® Notes are endless. Some of the more creative ways include:


      Quick communication. Providing comments, asking questions, or giving direction on a colorful

      Post-it® is sure to stand out and get your message read.


      Providing motivation and inspiration to others. A few words of encouragement on a Post-it® Super

      Sticky Note strategically placed on a desk, lunch box, backpack, etc. can brighten someone's day.


      Make your workspace uniquely yours. Personalize your home, classroom or office with colorful

      Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and Scotch® Expressions Tape as decorations.


      Facilitate collaborative engagement by encouraging people to share their thoughts, and build

      bigger, better ideas together using Post-it® Big Pads, Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes and  Post-it®

      Adhesive rolls.



      Post-it® Notes come in a variety of sizes. Whether you have a little or a lot to say, there’s a right size for you. The possibilities are limitless.  Buy your sticky notes at Office Depot & OfficeMax now!





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