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Postal Scales

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A well-run mailroom utilizes its resources wisely. One of the best ways to manage time and talents is to simplify everyday tasks. Incorporate mechanical or digital postal scales and postage meters into your mailing and shipping procedures and help ensure that time is used efficiently. which bBring the post office right into your company's mailroom. When handling a large amount of mail on a daily basis, it's important to make sure you're not overspending on postage. By installing a postal scale, it's easy to reduce expenses and keep mail handlers free to attend to more pressing tasks.

Digital Postal Scales

Within seconds, you can tell exactly how much an envelope, small parcel or large package weighs when using a digital postal scale. Simply place an item on the weighing platform and receive easy-to-read, highly accurate readings. Many models offer a built-in screen and some offer a detachable screen. A detachable screen helps improve visibility in case large boxes hang over the platform. Digital postal scales can be battery-, AC- or USB-operated for flexibility in placement.

Mechanical Postal Scales

If you prefer to read measurements manually, then mechanical postal scales are the perfect choice. Mechanical postal scales use a balance and spring mechanism to weigh packages and letters, outputting the correct weight with a pointer needle. Choose a scale with removable postage rates for quick and easy visual reference that can be updated when new rates are posted.

Postage Meters

Eliminate the hassle of going to the post office altogether. A postage meter, which combines the functions and benefits of a postage scale and label printer will make handling outgoing mail fast and effortless. If efficiency is a concern, choose a postage meter that prints using direct thermal technology, so you don't have to buy replacement ink cartridges or toner cartridges.

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