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Putting together a project at work can take hours of research, analysis, writing and fine-tuning. Make sure that the presentation of big ideas is as sophisticated as the concepts themselves with report covers and portfolios that protect documents and offer a stylish look. And for working on the next important proposal, keep everything organized with help from a portfolio.

Report Covers

Staples or a clip will hold documents together, but report covers offer a neat, finished appearance and help prevent rips, smears and crumpling when documents are stowed in a bag.

Polypropylene Report Covers

When a tough, durable solution is needed for keeping documents neat, opt for polypropylene report covers that shield papers from tears and wrinkling, as well as moisture.

Report Covers with Fasteners

Make sure that each and every page stays exactly where it belongs with report covers that secure sheets with durable prongs or strong clips.

Twin-Pocket Portfolios

With pockets that separate work to be done and items for immediate attention, twin-pocket portfolios offer simple, effective organization. Browse twin-pocket portfolios with fasteners for additional security.

Twin-Pocket Portfolios with Fasteners

Hold papers firmly in place with twin-pocket portfolios with fasteners. With discreet storage for different types of work and the ability to keep pages in the correct order, they combine organization and security.

Professional Portfolios

Potential clients will be prepared to take presentations seriously when information is provided in a stylish, sturdy professional portfolio. There's also a great selection of portfolios in leather and fabric construction designed to keep professionals organized during travel. Need something more stylish? Check out a variety of fashion portfolios.

Fashion Portfolios

Sometimes a touch of fun makes it easier to stay productive. Fashion portfolios in bright colors, stylish prints and festive designs let users show some personality while keeping it all together.

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