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Respiratory Protection

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Protect your lungs against harmful chemicals and fine airborne particles with our diverse assortment of respiratory protection products. Whether you just want some relief from strong paint odors or are working on a construction site and want to guard yourself against sawdust inhalation, there are plenty of options available to suit any need. Choose from a wide array of sizes, shapes and colors.

Cartridge Respirators

In work environments where you're required to operate around or directly handle hazardous materials, like chemicals and paints, or on construction sites, where debris and particles are flying everywhere, a respirator is essential. A cartridge respirator maintains a steady flow of clean, breathable air and comes in low-profile designs that only cover your mouth and nose or full-face designs that cover your eyes as well.

Cartridge Respirator Parts and Accessories

The first line of defense in a respirator is the cartridge or filter. Replaceable cartridges filter out harmful elements, so the user can experience fresh, clean air with every breath. Replaceable lenses for full-face respirators maintain an unobstructed field of vision, while harnesses keep the gas mask tightly fastened to the user.

Disposable Respirators

Disposable respirators are perfect for handymen and handywomen who are always completing projects around the house. A disposable respirator protects a user against fine particles and noxious odors from paints, strippers and wood stains. Most disposable respirators feature a contoured nose piece and soft, open-cell foam construction for breathing and wearing comfort.

Powered Air and Supplied Air System Parts and Accessories

Replace your existing respiratory protection system pieces or add onto your system with our wide variety of powered air and supplied air parts. Choose an air tank or breathing tube to make sure clean air gets to whoever needs it.

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