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Restroom Supplies

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Use bathroom supplies and bathroom accessories to help keep your restroom at home or at work clean and welcoming. Bathroom tissue, bath tissue dispensers, bathroom fixtures and other restroom supplies all help contribute to a functioning and hygienic bathroom. Use these accessories and more to provide users with a pleasant experience and keep private or public restrooms safe.

Bath Tissue Dispensers

Always have bath tissue on hand when you install a multi-roll or jumbo-roll bath tissue dispenser in the restroom.

Bathroom Tissue

Supply your restroom with soft, easy-to-install bathroom tissue from Kleenex®, Charmin and other brands.


Use a powerful hand plunger to remove clogs from toilets and help keep them operating properly.

Sanitary Napkin Dispensers and Receptacles

Dispense sanitary napkins and tampons from secure dispensers that can be mounted to the bathroom wall.

Sanitary Napkins and Tampons

Provide feminine hygiene products to anyone who needs them by stocking the restroom with them.

Toilet Bowl Brushes

Scrub build-up out of toilet bowls with a durable toilet bowl brush.

Toilet Seat Covers

Help prevent the spread of infections and give toilet users peace of mind by providing toilet seat covers.

Touchless Systems

Reduce the number of surfaces restroom users have to come in contact with to help reduce the chance of harmful germs being spread.

Urinal Screens and Dispensers

Urinal screens and dispensers help protect urinal drains and keep them clean and smelling fresh.

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