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      Which fire protection supplies and equipment do you need?

      The kitchen stove. The outdoor grill. Space heaters. Cigarettes. Fires have many causes. No matter where or why they start, fires can quickly burn out of control. Protect your property-and more importantly, your loved ones-with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors throughout your home.

      Fire extinguishers
      Be prepared! Place fire extinguishers all around your home, from the kitchen to the bedrooms, so you'll be ready to act quickly in an emergency. Choose the right type of fire extinguisher for the job. For example, Class A fire extinguishers contain pressurized water that is safe to use only on paper, wood, cardboard and most plastics. Work with flammable or combustible liquids, such as gasoline, kerosene, grease and oil? Choose a Class B model. Class C fire extinguishers are used for electrical fires, such as those starting in appliances, wiring, circuit breakers and outlets. These are just a few models available. Be sure to research the type of fire extinguisher that's best for your needs.

      Smoke detectors:
      Whether you're protecting your home or your business from fire, you'll want reliable, easy-to-use smoke detectors. Also called smoke alarms, smoke detectors include different options, such as an LED light that flashes to indicate the unit is working. Choosing a smoke detector for your kitchen? Install a model that mutes with the push of a button during cooking-related false alarms. Place one smoke alarm in each bedroom and in the hallway of every floor of your home. Select models with dual-sensor technology, which is able to detect both flaming and smoldering fires.

      Smoke detector batteries:
      Spring forward, fall back and on both occasions, be sure to change your smoke alarm batteries! Most smoke alarms require just one nine-volt battery. Today's units are usually designed with hinged doors to make replacing the battery quick and easy. Is your smoke detector chirping? That means the charge is very low. Replace the battery immediately to protect your loved ones in case of fire.

      Other safety equipment to consider

      Ear plugs
      Going to work can be hard on your hearing. From loud machines and engines to loud music, there are many types of noises that can cause long-term damage. Looking for hearing protection? Consider ear plugs, available in disposable, one-time use or the more durable, washable styles. Foam ear plugs are a popular choice; once inserted, this type expands to gently plug the ear canal. Another option is silicone ear plugs, which fit over the external portion of the ear canal like a cap. Choose the style that feels most natural.

      Safety glasses
      Safety goggles and glasses can offer eye protection from heat, dust, debris, chemical splashes, welding sparks and other hazards. Look for the lens material with hardened glass or polycarbonate that is designed for your work environment. Using power tools at home? Be sure to wear safety glasses to shield your eyes from flying pieces of metal, wood or glass. Work in construction, manufacturing, health care or even landscaping? Safety equipment, from goggles to gloves to protective clothing, is designed to prevent injury while allowing you to move freely and comfortably at work.

      Fall protection
      Do you work more than four feet off the ground? Do you need both hands free to inspect, repair or clean equipment, construction vehicles, HVAC systems or exterior windows? Consider a high-quality fall protection system to prevent serious injuries. This type of safety equipment includes body harnesses attached to lanyards, ropes, straps, anchoring devices, hooks and connectors. Whether you're standing on a scaffold painting a building or sitting on a steep-pitched roof repairing shingles, you will be much safer on the job when wearing fall protection gear.