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Safety & Security

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Safety should be a top priority at any place of business. With our diverse assortment of safety products, safety equipment and protective workwear, you can feel confident each and every day on the job. Use our carts and trucks to prevent back strain when moving items between spaces, and utilize our hoists and winches to aid you when lifting up heavy pallets and other products.

Personal Protection

Stay safe on the job with a variety of safety products designed to protect your body and face. Wear gloves when handling abrasive materials and insert a pair of ear plugs when working in loud environments. A pair of safety goggles shields your eyes when dealing with chemicals, while hard hats defend your skull against low-hanging equipment and falling tools. Construction workers on elevated platforms should use a fall protection kit to keep them securely attached.

Safe Workwear

Tie on an apron to protect the front of your clothing against spills and stains or slip on a pair of sleeves to guard just your arms and hands, so you can stay cool. A pair of weatherproof boots is perfect for tramping through rain puddles, mud and snow.

Safety Storage and Lockouts and Locks

At the end of the day, store all of your expensive technological equipment or sensitive chemicals in a storage cabinet. Secure the cabinet with a padlock to prevent unauthorized access to your supplies.

Traffic Safety and Spill Control Safety

Keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely by erecting safety cones to indicate an alternate route or block off a restricted area or accident. Prevent petroleum product, oil or other liquid spills in your warehouse by placing your drums on top of special safety equipment meant to contain accidental leaks.

First Aid Safety

Stay prepared for any injury with first aid safety products. Use an eye wash station to flush out harmful contaminants with saline, apply a cold pack to aching, sore muscles and cover a wound with bandages and dressings.

Fire, Gas and Water Protection

Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home or office to keep your family or employees safe from fires and dangerous inhalations. Leak sensors are great for rooms that house electronic devices and alert nearby workers when moisture is present.


We have tarps in various sizes to suit any space. Made from weatherproof material, your covered possessions are guarded against rain, snow and other harsh elements.

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