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Security Hardware

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When it comes to private, sensitive documents and materials, security is an absolute must. With plenty of security hardware products available, including firewalls and security tokens, confidential files can be kept locked away and invisible.

Block unauthorized individuals and make sure the office Web traffic remains safe and secure. Choose security hardware that caters to your specific needs with varying levels of Internet and device protection.


Employees are constantly using Web-based resources as they go about their busy days. Whether it's sending e-mails to colleagues, video conferencing with a sister site across the country or looking up information on Web sites, it's important to keep Internet activity safe. With firewall security hardware, malicious sites, viruses and worms are blocked, so individuals can still access what they need on the Internet while harmful intrusions are prevented from accessing the network. For highly confidential types of work, consider a firewall with high-end security features to thwart even the most sophisticated of attacks.

Security Tokens

You need to feel secure knowing that the sensitive information stored on your computer is safe from curious eyes and unwanted access. With a security token, only a specific user is allowed to access information on a network. Security tokens use a two-part authentication process that assigns a user a special PIN number and then recognizes that number when it's displayed appropriately. Security tokens are compact devices that are usually embedded in an easy-to-carry item, such as a key fob or USB drive, making them simple to transport.

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