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In a retail store setting, you need proper security measures in place to protect people and assets from unwanted situations such as theft, vandalism and accidents. When planning for your store, determine what items you will need in order to ensure the maximum level of safety protection. Browse our selection to find everything you need to provide the proper security for your location.

Call Bells and Counters

Use call bells and counters to help manage people in your store setting. Place call bells on all counters so that customers can easily alert employees when assistance is required.

Handheld or desk-mounted tally counters are ideal for counting visitors to your location. They are easy to operate with the touch of a button. They can also be used when counting inventory to make the job easier.

Depository and Drop Safes

To protect money, checks, receipts, deposit slips and other valuables, keep depository and drop slot safes in discreet locations. For added protection, bolt the safe down to the floor or a shelf. Depository and drop safes allow employees to make deposits without needing to open the safe. Combination locks and keys ensure that only authorized users have access to the safe's contents at any given time.


We offer a wide selection of items that will allow you to secure valuables and areas within your store. Locking cash boxes, cash drawers and trays will keep money, checks and receipts locked away and out of sight. Locks, such as padlocks as well as electronic and mechanical locks can be used on doors or equipment to limit access by unauthorized persons. Install a smart Wi-Fi thermostat to prevent employees and guests from tampering with your store's environmental comfort settings to help control energy costs.

Security Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors will provide an extra level of security in your store. Place convex mirrors near entrances, exits and in high-traffic areas to closely monitor customer and employee activities.


Stanchions are ideal for limiting access to certain areas or for crowd control in your store. Place stanchions in closed-off areas or where displays are being changed to limit customer access. Use stanchions to indicate where customers should stand when waiting in line for the register for easy crowd control.

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