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Save up to $80 on personal shredders
      Help protect yourself from identity theft, intellectual property theft, and corporate espionage by shredding sensitive documents. Every year, these crimes take a tremendous financial and emotional toll on people and businesses. Using a paper shredder to destroy your unneeded files, papers, and other sensitive documents safely is a good way to keep that sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Don't have a paper shredder? Need a new heavy-duty paper shredder? Find the right shredder for your home or office online at Office Depot. Protect your confidential information with our commercial, industrial, and personal paper shredders. We have cross-cut and strip-cut paper shredders in six levels of security and cut dimensions to meet the level of protection you seek. You can also order paper shredders in higher security levels for high volumes of highly-sensitive information. We've also got paper shredder supplies like bags, bins, and lubricants to keep your paper shredder in top condition. Shop Office Depot to find the right paper shredder and keep your private information private!