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Single-Line Phones

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Great for homes or businesses where just a single call line is needed, a single-line phone can provide you with a budget-friendly small or expandable phone network solution. Look for a single-line corded desk phone or single-line cordless phone, both of which may be used either singly or expanded with multiple corded or cordless handsets to adapt to larger needs. Whether you need a simple phone or a network solution with basic features like call waiting and caller ID or a more advanced solution with cutting-edge technology integrated, we carry a wide assortment of single-line phones so you can find the perfect one for your situation. Be sure to review all of our phones and accessories, as well as other technology solutions.

Single-line Corded Phones

Single-line corded desk phones are great for small businesses that receive few calls but may need to implement a phone network with multiple corded phones throughout their operation. Look for single phones or sets with additional corded phones included. Be sure to review the specifications thoroughly if you plan to install a multi-phone network to get the right phones and any extra equipment that may be needed.

Single-line Cordless Phones

Suitable for small businesses or home use, single-line cordless phones provide you with the flexibility to move around your space with ease. Look for a single-line phone with extra features like expanded talking range, noise reduction technology and the ability to expand into a cordless multi-handset phone system.

Single-line Multiple Handset Systems

If you need multiple cordless handsets operating on the same phone system for your home or business, we carry a wide range of solutions to fit your needs. Look for handset systems that will accommodate your needs today and allow for the easy integration of more phones in the future.

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