Single Serve Brewing Systems

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Waiting for coffee to finish brewing in the morning can make minutes feel like hours. Cut down on idle time each day with single-serve coffee systems, which allow employees to get in and out of the breakroom quickly.

Single-Serve Brewing Systems

Make the company breakroom a place where employees feel comfortable by adding a single-serve brewer. Most single-serve brewing systems come with a host of adjustable features, so employees can select different brew sizes, brew strength levels and beverage types.

Vue Packs, Coffee K-Cups® and Tea, Cocoa and Flavored K-Cups

Options, options and more options. Keep the breakroom well-stocked with a variety of flavored coffees, teas and cocoas designed specifically for the make and model of your single-serve coffee brewer. Allow workers to begin each day with a powerful surge of energy with dark-roast espresso, perk up in the afternoon with a light, blonde roast or unwind and de-stress with soothing herbal tea late in the day.

Single-Serve Cups and Pods

Although most single-serve cups are designed for use with a single brewing system, there are universal options available as well. Cups come in actual plastic or metal containers, whereas pods are usually housed in a paper filter. Check the individual selection to see if the cups or pods will fit your single-serve brewer. Regardless of whether you select cups or pods, they're both made to guarantee optimal freshness, so employees can start each morning with a fragrant, flavorful cup of joe.

Single-Serve Accessories

Now that you have all of those single-serving coffee cups the dilemma becomes how to keep them organized. Display a rack or holder designed specifically to house single-serve coffee cups, so employees can see which flavors are available with just a glance. Consider a wire rack with an attached condiment tray to keep creamers, sugar and other coffee and tea additives within easy reach.

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