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Spill Control Safety

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In industries and environments that deal with chemicals, petroleum products and other liquids there is always a possibility that a spill can occur. Luckily, there are a variety of spill control safety measures and products that can be used to prevent spills from occurring and tackle spill cleanup in the event of an accidental spill or leak. A selection of pallets and sorbents will help manage potentially costly hazards.


Chemical spills and other liquid spills are not just messy and time-consuming, they can also be extremely dangerous to workers. Place your company's large drums of liquids, chemicals or petroleum products on plastic pallets, which are usually made of chemical-resistant polyethylene for lasting use. Plastic pallets and spill containment basins collect any spills or leaks from a drum, making sure that potentially harmful liquids aren't spread across the entire job site floor.


If a spill does occur, you can take immediate cleanup action with spill kits and sorbents. Using sorbents on spills cleans the mess up quickly, so workers aren't exposed to harmful chemicals and don't face the risk of slipping or falling. Use a sorbent pad that absorbs a variety of liquids, including water, most chemicals and petroleum, in both an outdoor or indoor location. Consider using a sorbent roll that's perforated, so you can grab exactly how much you need for any given spill.

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