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      Office Depot has the staplers you need, from basic to electric to specialty staplers. Whether you need to organize paperwork at home or equip the office with basic tools and supplies, you'll find dozens of options. Don't forget staple removers! You'll find it all here-at great prices. If you need to organize paperwork at home, the office or school, you'll find the staplers and staple removers you need at Office Depot. Basic staplers are an essential household tool. Where do you open your mail and pay household bills? Keep a stapler nearby and use it to staple multi-page utility bills, mortgage payments, health insurance letters, tax notices and bank statements. You'll find it much easier to review and file these important records if you unfold them, staple the pages and organize them flat in separate file folders. No need to file bulky envelopes. Keep mini staplers in every room of the house, from the basement to the kitchen to the bedroom. You'll have one handy when you need to staple articles torn from magazines, recipe cards, letters or even small fabric swatches for a home design project. Be sure to buy staple removers so you can separate pages without tearing them. Businesses of all sizes need a variety of staplers. Whether you're buying office supplies for a small firm or ordering staplers for a corporate department, you'll find the brands and models you need to meet your budget. Keep a heavy-duty stapler near the office printer for everyone to share. Some of these staplers can staple 65, 100 or even 130 sheets of paper with just the lightest pressure. If you assemble a high volume of papers on a regular basis, consider a stapler with non-slip, cushioned handles or other ergonomic designs. These comfort grips allow individuals who type for hours at a time, or who need to staple large numbers of documents, to help protect their hands from strain. For high-use areas, you'll also want to look for a stapler with a window that shows when the staples need to be refilled. For the least amount of effort and strai