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      Which storage cabinets are right for you?

      Whether you need to organize your work files and supplies, give your employees a place to store personal items, or secure documents and other valuables, Office Depot has all the lockers, storage cabinets, shelving units and safes you one convenient place.

      Standard storage cabinets

      Need something simple for storing shoes by the door? Or how about a locking, wood-grain cabinet for securing project files at the office? Whatever you need to organize, Office Depot has the right solutions for your space and budget. Fixed shelving is ideal for your smaller items like reams of paper, ink cartridges, envelopes, cups and coffee filters. For your taller items, like bottles of soda or cleaning supplies, choose a storage cabinet with adjustable shelves so you can change them depending on your needs. Cabinets are available in metal, engineered wood, laminate, plastic, particleboard and more. So whether the storage unit will be part of your office décor or simply an out-of-the-way utility cabinet, you'll find the style you need.

      Storage lockers

      Gyms. Hospitals. High schools. Day care centers. Factories. Even animal shelters. Wherever people need to securely store purses, coats, shoes, uniforms, books, backpacks or other personal items, you'll usually find lockers lining the walls. At Office Depot, you'll find a huge variety to fit every need. We've got traditional 78-inch-tall lockers that can be used as a stand-alone unit or linked in a row. For shorter items, choose double-tier lockers with interior hooks for jackets or bags. Box storage lockers offer the most compact storage, with six compartments in each column. They're perfect for storing jewelry, keys, folded clothing, purses, money, cell phones and other small items. And remember your padlocks, locker shelves, magnetic bins, mirrors and other accessories to keep your things safe and convenient.

      Shelving units

      Ready to get the garden tools and sports equipment off the garage floor? Need to move bulky kitchen appliances from the counter? Open shelving units are a budget-friendly way to store items of all sizes and shapes. At Office Depot, you'll find everything from heavy-duty warehouse shelving for organizing commercial inventory items to lightweight shelving for storing towels in the guest bathroom. Choose from a variety of sizes and materials including steel, wire and plastic. Many units assemble in minutes...with no tools required!

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