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In your office, you have files and documents in your filing cabinets that you use a lot. You also have files and documents that you don't use a lot, but still need to keep on hand, organized, and protected from wear and tear. To make room in your filing cabinets for new files, you need a way to store your archives safely. Office Depot is here to meet this need with our wide selection of plastic and corrugated storage boxes, drawers, crates, and other file storage systems that keep your files and important business documents well-organized and well-protected while in storage. Take a look at what we offer in corrugated file storage boxes, plastic file storage boxes, plastic filing containers, carts, drawers, crates, drawer systems, and even alternative storage systems. We've got small, medium and large plastic file storage boxes, drawers, and crates to handle any size or shape files and documents. We feature our own line of file storage boxes and storage solutions, and more leading brands in file storage solutions, like Bankers Box, Snap-N-Store, and Akro-Mils. So start browsing and get ready to make more room in your filing cabinet today with Office Depot's corrugated and plastic file storage boxes and file storage solutions.