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Tape & Adhesives

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      Which tape, glue or adhesive is right for you?

      Whether you want to bond two sheets of paper, two blocks of wood, or simply hang a frame on the wall, you'll find a variety of tapes, glues and adhesives to meet every need.

      Invisible tape- There are thousands of uses for this household, office and classroom staple, so be sure you have plenty of tape on hand! From sticking a small note to the computer monitor to displaying a child's drawing on the refrigerator door, nothing is as quick and easy to use as a roll of invisible tape. And here's a bonus for the office: invisible tape does not show on scans or photocopies.

      Packing tape- Whether you're storing photos or holiday decorations in the attic, shipping books or electronics overseas, or moving an entire household to a new location, you'll want the packing tape that's right for the job. Some packing tapes include built-in dispensers that make it quick and easy to seal and protect boxes. Some tapes offer a lightweight hold for seasonal storage while others have adhesives designed to last for many years.

      Specialty tape-We've got it all: masking tape, shipping tape, double-sided adhesive tape, restickable tape and more! Need to label containers for freezer storage? There's a tape just for that. Need to safely repair or label photos and archival documents? Be sure to choose an acid-free tape. You'll also find tapes designed for artist canvases and outdoor use, as well as premium performance tapes for securing heavy boxes.

      Glue and glue sticks-Whether it's poured from a bottle or rolled from a stick, glue can be found in nearly every classroom, office, home and workshop. Keep a glue stick in your desk to reinforce the seal on envelopes. Use super glue to mend a broken cup. Teaching a group of young artists? Save time and money and go for the gallon-sized bottle of pourable glue that's nontoxic, washable and safe for classroom use.

      Adhesives- Some adhesives are designed to hold for just a few minutes or hours, while some offer a permanent hold. It's important to know what you need before you buy it. Cement offers a lighter hold, while epoxy features a more durable bond. Polyurethane is water-resistant, making it a good choice as a woodworking adhesive. Putty is best for light repairs, while adhesive spray sets more quickly. These are just a few of the options available. Before you start your project, be sure to choose the adhesive that will work best for your materials and goals.

      More adhesives and accessories to choose from!

      If you're a shoe enthusiast, you'll love our tape dispensers shaped like a high-heeled shoe! At Office Depot, you'll find hundreds of adhesives and accessories for every job. Organize your technology with cord clips that can stick to painted walls or glass. Want to hang your key chains, purses, tote bags and more? Adhesive hooks are available in all sizes and strengths for closets, lockers and laundry rooms. Velcro® dots and strips are the perfect temporary adhesive for mobile sales presentations and trade show booths.

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