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      Looking for the touchscreen convenience of a smartphone and the speed and power of a laptop? A tablet computer has the best of both! With fast online interactivity, tablets let you surf the web, send and receive emails, edit documents, watch movies online and take and view photos using a bright, easy-to-read touchscreen. Need to attend a virtual meeting? Use the convenient video conferencing feature. While laptops offer much more data storage, tablet computers boast an ultra-slim design and battery life of up to eight hours. Also, while the average laptop weighs six pounds, the average tablet weighs just one pound.


      Netbooks are similar to tablet computers with one major difference: They have a laptop-like keyboard instead of a touchscreen. Although they're heavier than tablets, netbook computers remain portable, with screen sizes ranging from about 10 to 12 inches. Netbooks are great for checking email or searching the internet when you're on the move. Want to add a larger monitor or keyboard? No problem. Look for netbooks equipped with VGA ports.


      Calculators may seem like they’re slipping into obsolescence, but no other device serves its purpose with more precision. Whether you’re a college or high school student or working in the financial sector, Office Depot can help you find the right calculator to get your work done. Scientific, printing and graphing calculators all available.

      More Technology Choices


      Monitors are available in a wide variety of sizes and resolutions. Most offer low- or no-glare coatings, which makes them easy to view even during your longest days at the computer. Even the widest monitors are ultra-slim, so they take up little desk space and they're easy to lift and reposition. Add a monitor riser, stand or adjustment arm to customize to your space and viewing comfort.


      Printers, like most technology, have come a long way in the last several years. Many offer wireless networking so multiple PCs can use the same printer, and some let you print from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. Choose a laser printer for high-volume, professional quality results, or an inkjet for fast speeds and bright, vivid colors. Need to print, copy, scan and fax? Go with an all-in-one and do it all from one machine. Photo and wide-format printers provide savings when you need to create large posters, fliers or simply enlarge and frame a favorite image. And remember your paper, ink and toner!

      Networking Routers and Cables

      Networking Routers and Cables are the foundation of any computer network. A router lets multiple computers share Internet access, files and more, but they're not all the same. Generally, lesser expensive models are fine for smaller homes and dorm rooms, while the more expensive models are faster, with more range and network security features. Be sure to choose the router that best suits your technology and budget.

      Cameras and Camcorders

      Enjoy the day and capture the memory. It's easy with today's cameras and camcorders, which help you produce professional-looking still images and digital video. For fast, high-quality images of your favorite people, places and things, choose an easy-to-use point & shoot camera. If you're a more advanced photographer looking for more control, consider a digital SLR camera. One-time-use film cameras are great for weddings and travel, and some are even safe for underwater use.