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Browse Office Depot’s wide selection of technology products. Does your office need a new printer? We carry printers of all shapes, sizes and features that are sure to be the right fit for your needs. We carry other tech gear from laptops and desktop computers, to tablets, printers, networking, monitors and more. You’ll find exactly what you need to get the job done.  

Computers and Software

Whether it’s for your home or office, start by thinking about where you will use the item. If you work alone, a compact laptop might be the right choice. If you share a network, consider a desktop with a widescreen monitor. There’s also a large selection of all-in-one desktops, which hold the drives and other electronics inside the monitor. Eliminate the need for a separate tower, and save space without sacrificing performance.

If you’re looking for the touchscreen convenience of a smartphone and the speed and power of a laptop, look no further than our wide choice of tablets. These lightweight powerhouses off the best of both worlds! Use a table to surf the web, send and receive email, watch movies online, take photos and edit documents.

You’ll find that most machines and software are compatible and there are models where memory is expandable when purchased separately. We carry a wide range of helpful software titles, including antivirus and security, tax, finance, legal, graphic design, PC gaming and more.

More Technology Choices

Calculators – choose from among standard, scientific, printing and graphing calculators, perfect for the home, classroom or the office.

Monitors – are available in a variety of sizes and screen resolutions. Many are ultra slim, using less desk space. Add a monitor riser, stand or adjustment arm to customize your viewing comfort.

Printers, like most technology, continue to advance in features and design. There are wired, wireless, mobile and photo printing models. Choose an all-on-one to print, copy, scan and fax so you can save space and money. Other types of printers include wide-format and 3D printers. You’ll also find a variety of paper options and the compatible ink and toner for the model(s) you choose.

Networking Routers and Cables are the foundation of any computer network. Browse a variety of makes and models to find those best suited for your needs.

Cameras and camcorders make it easy to capture your memories. Get professional-looking still images and digital video. There’s a wide range of models available, depending on your level of expertise and what you are using the camera or camcorder for.

Tech Depot Services

Get the professional services you need to set up, fix or keep your PC safe and secure. Enjoy peace of mind 24/7 with support from Tech Depot Services. Also get a fast, free assessment to learn about optimizing its performance and security.

Greener Technology and Recycling

Keep in mind that in general, the smaller the item, the less energy and resources it uses. Also, choose ENERGY STAR-designated items to help reduce utility costs and consume less energy. EPEAT rated items are often made with less harsh chemicals, may contain recycled content or come from manufacturers with environmentally responsible design and production standards.

You can also do your part to help the environment by with Office Depot’s Tech Recycling Service. Turn tech trash into useful raw material.

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