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Time Clocks

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Stock up on the supplies you need to manage time clock systems and time sheets for your employees, or install a new system that can help you keep all of your employees' time records more organized. Find a variety of time clock systems, as well as time card racks, cards, badges and printer ribbons, to ensure greater efficiency every day. Be sure to review other machines and equipment that can help your business streamline its operation and improve its bottom line, like a point of sale system and point of sale keyboard.

Time Card Racks

Use a time card rack to help organize employee time cards, job assignments and other documents. Look for a time card rack with the right number of pockets and made with materials that will withstand the conditions of your working environment.

Time Cards and Badges

Choose from a wide range of employee time cards, time sheets and identification badges to help ensure accurate tracking of employee time and management of payroll.

Time Clock Supplies

Find replacement ink ribbons, back-up keys and other products to help make the most of your time clock. Also consider integrating an audible bell to notify employees of lunches and shift changes.

Time Clock Systems

Upgrade your existing time clock system or install one for the first time to help you manage your employees and operation more efficiently. Choose from traditional punch-in time clock readers or digital time clocks with magnetic strip readers or RFID technology.

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