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      Which power tool is right for your project?

      Building a bookcase? Cutting firewood? Removing paint from a door, ripping shingles from the roof or simply hanging a shelf? Your project may take five minutes or five days. Either way, you'll save time and energy when you use the right power tools-from drills to circular saws-for the job.

      Cordless drills
      Available in many sizes, cordless drills are an extremely useful, portable power tool. Whether you need to drill holes into a wall or insert a few screws into a cabinet, a cordless drill lets you save time and effort. Are you proud of your wheels? Attach a polishing head to the drill to shine your hubcaps. Want to strip paint from furniture? Mount a circular sanding disc to your electric drill to remove the top layers. Batteries can lose power quickly while you work, so be sure to buy a high-quality charger. Look for 15-minute chargers that get your drill back in action as quickly as possible.

      Corded drills
      From natural wood to sheet metal, some materials require a powerful corded drill. Building a raised garden bed? Use a corded drill to bore holes in landscape timbers. Need to drill into concrete or brick? Choose a corded drill that features a hammer setting. A deck requires hundreds of screws. Use a corded drill to prevent fatigue and make the finished project more secure and professional-looking. Look for corded drills with variable speeds and a reversing feature, which allows you to remove and insert screws.

      Cutting power tools
      Need to cut wood, drywall, plastic or metal? Consider a power saw to make the job easier and safer. Equipped with either a metal blade or disk, power saws are available in a range of models to match your project and budget. Need to cut something overhead or in a tight space? Use a lightweight, compact band saw. A table saw or portable circular saw is best for slicing a straight line through metal, plastic or wood. Reciprocating saws are designed for heavy-duty jobs, such as cutting pipes and aluminum siding. You'll find there is a cutting power tool for every type of material and project.