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UPS/Battery Backup

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Whether you're at home or on the job, you most likely have electronic equipment that you use to help you get through the day. Sensitive devices, such as computers, medical equipment, entertainment systems, telephones and networking equipment, all rely on electrical power to operate. Power outages and brownouts can cause irreversible damages to your devices, particularly during power surges. Power/surge strips can help protect your devices from voltage spikes, but an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS battery backup system, can keep your devices powered during outages, ensuring proper shutdown and surge protection, protecting you from damage and loss.

Standalone UPS Systems

A UPS battery backup system provides necessary power to your devices in the event of a power outage, allowing you time to safely power them off, and even giving you enough power to keep working for a few more minutes on an important task. A UPS backup system also guards your devices against inevitable surges in voltage once power is restored, maintaining safe voltage levels to protect your equipment. Choose a compact, standalone UPS system for easy placement on a desk, shelf or table.

UPS power backup systems with an unattended shutdown feature safely power off your USB-connected computer during an outage if you can't get to your device. UPS backup systems with a combination of battery backup and surge protection features eliminate the need for extra surge protectors. Choose a system with multiple outlets as well as different types of ports to accommodate all of your devices.

Rack-Mounted Systems

Rack-mounted UPS systems have all of the features of standalone systems, but help you maximize your space usage while protecting your equipment. Browse our selection for units that are easily mountable and can fit neatly into your existing configuration.

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