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Wearable Technology

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Find wearable technology that can enhance the way you live. Choose from smart watches that provide access to music, e-mail and hands-free calls, as well as fitness and health devices like fitness bands and heart rate monitors, to help you stay on track to meet your personal health goals. Live better with devices that provide convenient access to fitness tracking, entertainment and communications.

Smart Watches

Have the technology you need in the convenience of a wristwatch with a sleek smart watch that does a variety of things with a simple touch or voice command. Access e-mail, respond to texts, make hands-free calls and even listen to music or control your home television from your wrist. Look for smart watches with enough memory to support the apps you need, or those with built-in digital cameras for easy image capture.

Fitness Bands and Heart Rate Monitors

Develop a pattern for lifelong health with a fitness band and heart rate monitor that can help provide comprehensive fitness monitoring. Consider the features you need to integrate these tools into your daily life, from tracking calories burned to discovering your resting heart rate versus your workout heart rate. Opt for a fitness band that also records sleep patterns or gives you access to e-mails and texts, or a combination fitness band and heart rate monitor package for even greater accuracy in tracking your health habits.


Track your steps and set personal goals with pedometers that fit on your waist, in your pocket or even in your shoe. Choose from a variety of features and tracking methods to ensure every step you take gets counted toward improving your health.

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