Wound Care

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Taking care of minor scrapes, cuts and injuries starts with having the right wound care and first aid products. From small bandages to eye wash and medical tape, our assortment of wound care includes a wide variety of basics for your medical office or healthcare facility. Consider antimicrobial wound care, which features built-in antimicrobial protection to help prevent the growth of bacteria.


Secure, close and support small cuts, wounds and surgical incisions with adhesives, which attach securely and allow the skin to breathe while the wound heals. Hypoallergenic adhesive provides extra-gentle use.

Antimicrobial Wound Care

By helping to inhibit the growth of bacteria, antimicrobial wound care items help prevent the possibility of developing infection and help expedite the healing process.


It's important to cover minor scrapes and cuts in order to prevent infection, and bandages are a classic, time-tested solution for doing just that. Look for skin-colored options for a subtle look, or choose bright, themed bandage designs for children.


Sometimes bandages aren't enough to cover a wound, and you may need gauze, ointment and other treatments to dress it properly. Our assortment of dressings includes sterile and non-sterile wraps, tape, cloth adhesive and a variety of other items to help ensure wounds are properly cared for.

Eye Wound Care

When eyes are wounded or contaminated, it's important to deliver prompt treatment. From general itching and irritation caused by allergies to injury caused by infection or contamination, our assortment of eye wound care products helps flush out the eyes and restore comfortable, moisturized eyes.

Gauze and Sponges

Whether you're preparing skin for a shot or cleaning, debriding and covering a wound, gauze and sponges play an essential role in proper care. Our assortment of gauze and sponges features thick, 10- and 12-ply construction for durability.

Medical Tape

Ensure bandages and wound dressings stay on securely with medical tape, which clings to skin to keep wounds, scrapes and cuts shielded and protected. For extra adhesive power, consider waterproof designs that won't come off in the shower or pool.

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