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10 Steps to Successful Bids

OK, so what do you have to do to actually sign that first deal with the government? We have broken down the actions you need to take into ten steps and we will guide you through the process of completing each one. Although we are presenting the actions you need to take in a step-by-step fashion, it does not mean that they need to be done one at a time. They can be done simultaneously or in a different order, depending on your circumstances.

  1. Think Like the Government: Start thinking about your business the same way the government does; as the provider of an end product. By thinking in terms of output, and not process, you'll be more likely to make a connection leading to a deal..
  2. Identify Your Customers: The buying offices of the federal government don't know you're out there, but you can find them if you know where to look..
  3. Get Registered: Before you can start bidding on contracts, the government needs to know who you are and what you do. A mistake or omission at this point could severely hurt your chances of landing a contract, so we'll tell you what to do step-by-step, including how to decipher all the government codes involved in such a process.
  4. Find Bid Leads: The government is required by law to inform all potential contractors of what they're looking for, but are you listening? There are a number of outlets for this information, and one is best for you and your company.
  5. Get the Bid Package: You've got the lead, now you need to get your hands on the specifics. Find out how to get the bid package and how to understand its particular pricing arrangement.
  6. Review the Bid: The solicitation you've just received has the potential to be a binding contract. Know what to read and how to read it to maximize your chances for success.
  7. Get Technical Data: To successfully complete your bid, you'll need to do some research. Learn what types of specs may apply and how to get the correct data to comply with the order.
  8. Price It Out: In a competitive bidding process, price is the determining factor. And if your bid is accepted, it will literally make or break your company, so know what factors to consider.
  9. Write Your Proposal: This is a formal procedure that must be completed exactly. We take you through it line-by-line, explaining it all.
  10. Submit Your Bid: Submission of your bid is the final step in a contracting process full of fine print. Know the best ways to keep your bid from being kicked out at the last second.

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