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After the Bid

Well done! You have completed the work, gone through the steps and submitted your first bid. Now what happens? Basically, once you are finished with your part of the process, it is time for the government buyer to take over and do its part. Once all of the bids are in, the buyer will begin evaluating all of the offers and ultimately make a final decision on which company will be awarded the contract.

And what if your company is the one that is awarded the contract? What should you be doing and thinking about? We'll try to answer some of these questions and look at what comes next. We will first look at how the evaluation process works and the factors that could influence who will win the award. We'll also offer some pointers on what to do immediately upon receiving a contract.

We will then discuss the importance of quality assurance standards and provide a checklist for getting you started on setting up an effective quality assurance program for your company. Finally, we'll discuss contract terminations and one of the most important and interesting things of all . . . getting paid.

  • Bid Evaluation and Award: We tell you what government buyers look for when they evaluate your bid against others and how they decide on the winner. If you are being considered for award, the government may want to perform a pre-award survey to make sure you are capable: we tell you how to prepare. Finally, we provide a checklist of things you need to do right away if you are the winner.
  • Quality Assurance Standards: Quality assurance is a crucial part of doing business with the government. How can you assure buyers that you will provide a quality product? We explain the different levels of quality standards and tell you what you need to do to develop a good quality control program for your company.
  • What To Know When Things Go Wrong: What happens when problems and issues arise that can't be easily resolved? We tell you what to expect and cover everything from contract terminations to simple protests and disputes to court action.
  • Getting Paid: Find out how you can help ensure prompt payment and what constitutes a "proper invoice." Also learn about the forms of payment: electronic funds transfer and the government credit card.

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