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Choosing the Right Facility

If you have given the matter considerable thought and now feel secure about what you need in a facility, you're ready to start looking for a specific facility to rent or buy.

It's a Two-Step Process

To help you find and decide on a facility, we suggest a two-step inquiry:

  • How to conduct the search: There are any number of ways of using the information that you now have about your facility requirements to good advantage. To make the search go smoothly, we suggest that you first decide on the general area or community in which you want to locate, then look for the actual facility. Try to allow yourself enough time to conduct a thorough search. Finally, unless you are a true expert in the field of acquiring business properties, employing the services of a commercial real estate agent could save you time and help obtain a satisfactory result.
  • How to decide which facility is best: We suggest two general methods of evaluation that can be used, one which is numeric, the other, nonnumeric. If done with care, either should be helpful.

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