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Government Financing Programs

For many small businesses, government financing programs can make the difference in getting the money they vitally need to start, continue, or expand operations and having to shut the business down.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a federal agency that offers a number of financing and operations assistance programs to small businesses. The programs include loan guarantees, training and educational programs, advisory services, publications, financial programs, and contract assistance.

State and local governments also offer an array of financing assistance.

This section addresses your opportunities to get government funding:

  • Recent changes in SBA programs shows how the continuous evolution of the SBA is affecting the cost and availability of the agency's best programs.
  • SBA loan guarantees provides a "nuts and bolts" explanation of how SBA loan guarantees work and what you should expect from a loan guarantee; it also gives a detailed discussion of each of the major SBA guarantee programs and your best options for qualifying for any particular program.
  • SBA microloan program describes a program providing small amounts of financing for startups and existing businesses.
  • Certified Development Companies explains the SBA's partnership with local lenders for a long-term, fixed-rate financing program.
  • SBA financing for exporting shows how the government can help you improve the U.S. balance of trade.
  • State and local programs describes other government financing assistance.

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