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Office Depot General Procurement

Each opportunity is unique, but here are some tips to consider:

  • Be clear on your company's value add
  • Deliver excellent services and/or products.
  • Be aware of insurance requirements, which will change depending on the product or service be used.
  • Present your firm's environmental strategy
    1. Does your firm "Buy Green"?
    2. Does your firm strive to be increasingly more green?
    3. How will your service or product help Office Depot's environmental strategy?

Businesses interested in selling product to Office Depot for resale to our customers via any channel should consider the information below:

  • Review operating guidelines on
  • Use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Packaging Considerations
    1. UPC's (For each shipping quantity and the product pack being sold there must be an UPC).
      1. Sell Unit
      2. Standard Pack (i.e. Minimum order qty per shipping location)
    2. UCC128 shipping labels
    3. Packaging should be retail friendly and consider environmental factors when possible
  • Product considerations
    1. Product Liability Insurance
    2. Consider your Sell Unit Pack Size offering (Each vs. 2 Pack or 5 Pack)
    3. Evaluate Minimum Order Quantities (i.e. Standard Pack) per shipping location. Note: These are done via number of units not dollar value
    4. No minimum order quantities for virtual opportunities (direct to customer shipments)
    5. Photo and content requirements
      1. All art (vector and raster) must be CMYK
      2. All graphics should be saved at an effective resolution of at least 300dpi
      3. All images must have a document or print size of 5 inches minimum in height or width
      4. All images must contain a clipping path around all product and cropped as tight as possible
      5. Each image should be submitted with a minimum of the following three angles:
        • centered
        • angled from the right
        • angled from the left
      6. All furniture collection images must contain clipping paths around the individual pieces within the grouping
      7. We will only accept high quality images that accurately represent the true color(s) of the product
      8. Images that do not adhere to the above standards will be rejected
  • Return guarantee
    1. New vendors should note that if we don't sell the product within an agreed upon time frame, the product will be returned
  • Factory and Material Considerations
    1. Raw Goods review (hazardous material)
    2. Quality Standards and Social Compliance
    3. Environmental considerations
  • Term negotiation
  • Program dollars and promotional funding
  • Understand Standard Payment terms are 1% Net 60
  • Diversity Certification if your business is consider a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)*
    1. HUBs include certified minority, women, disabled, disabled-veteran, nglcc, small (HUBZone, 8(a), WOSB) enterprises
  • Complete and return the Company Profile form located at

The above list is not exhaustive, but is meant to provide guidelines for your consideration.


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