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You will be tested on this. That's a lie, but it pays to learn a few new things! Take it from Holly Bohn to show you the ropes of style and organization, how she figured out a way to revolutionize the working woman's world.

Don't fight your organizational style. If you're a stacker, stick with letter trays for managing tasks. If you're a filer, then use a file box or tote for frequently used files.

Magazine files aren't just for magazines. Bring order to your bookshelves by using magazine files to organize odd-sized books and publications; sort by theme, like travel.

Decorating can be overwhelming. Don't get hung-up trying to make everything match. Buy things you love and you'll find that your décor will come together.

Reserve your desktop for frequently used items. The workspace is no space for clutter. Buy cute office supplies that will personalize your space without adding clutter.

Avoid trendy style for big purchases like desks and chairs. Desk accessories are more easily and affordably changed out to fit your mood and current trends.

Just as new running shoes can inspire you to start an exercise regimen, a fun new office accessory can inspire you to finish that long overdue project.

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