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Choosing the Right Ink/Toner
* FAQ's About Ink and Toner
Everything you need to know
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FAQ's About Ink and Toner
Everything You Need to Know

How much printing will I get from a typical cartridge?
  • "Yield" gives average number of pages per cartridge ("page" defined as a business letter)
  • Photos, charts, and graphics use much more ink than letters
  • "High Yield" cartridges cost more up front, but typically last longer and are cheaper in the long run
If I buy extra cartridges now to save money, how long can I store them?
  • Shelf-life can vary, depending upon storage conditions and each make/manufacturer
  • Typically, original, sealed packages last about 12-24 months
  • Typically, opened packages last about 3-6 months
Is there any harm in running completely dry on Ink?
  • Yes. Inkjet print heads can overheat and be ruined, and nozzles can dry, causing actual machine damage
  • It's best to replace the cartridge while there's still some ink left
Are remanufactured cartridges equal in quality to originals?
  • Yes once purchased from a reputable dealer. They are existing cartridges that are taken apart, rebuilt, and freshly refilled to ensure optimum performance
  • These cartridges also help conserve the earth's resources
What kind of remanufactured cartridges should I look for?
  • Always choose cartridges sold by reputable dealers who guarantee product quality
  • Poorly-made cartridges can damage machines: be wary of suspicious "bargains" from companies you don't recognize
Will my machine warranty be voided if I use generic or remanufactured cartridges?
  • No. It's illegal for any manufacturer to require you to use their brand-name cartridge
  • You can use any brand and still keep your warranty intact
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