Pringles® Cheddar Cheese Potato Chips, 2.5 Oz
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Pringles® Cheddar Cheese Potato Chips, 2.5 Oz

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Cheddar Cheese flavored chips for snacking on the go
  • Enjoy the tasty Cheddar Cheese flavor.
  • Resealable container keeps fresh.
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Cheddar Cheese flavored chips for snacking on the go
  • Enjoy the tasty Cheddar Cheese flavor. 
  • Resealable container keeps fresh. 
  • Its portable size makes it a great snack for travel. 

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Item # 157502 
Manufacturer # 114720  
total recycled content 0
brand name Pringles
item type chips
manufacturer Kellogg Company
postconsumer recycled content 0
quantity 1
contents per unit 2.5
container type tub

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Product Description

  • We didn't use just any cheese flavor in these crisps. We went with cheddar—the king of cheeses. So you could even say it’s a royal flavor. It’s so majestically good, you might not want to mention it to your lactose-intolerant friends. Pringles Cheddar Cheese Potato Crisps: You Don't Just Eat 'Em™.


    • Tempt your taste buds with this tangy taste
    • Cheese-tastic Cheddar Cheese flavor
    • Pringles: You Don't Just Eat 'Em™


  • Cheese-tastic cheddar cheese flavor

    Feel a cheddar craving coming on? Tempt your taste buds with the tangy taste of Pringles Cheddar Cheese.
  • You Don't Just Eat 'Em™

    Stack 'em. Stockpile 'em. Duck-lip 'em. No matter what you do with Pringles, You Don’t Just Eat ’Em™.
  • More ways to get your cheddar on

    Pringles Cheddar Cheese potato crisps come in full-size cans, portable Grab & Go stacks, and lunch-size Snack Stacks®.
  • A ton of flavors to savor

    Pringles potato crisps come in 13 different flavors, including Original, Sour Cream & Onion, and Cheddar Cheese. So what are you waiting for? Get snacking.

Product Comparison

About Pringles isn’t just a snack. It’s a way of life. Kick convention to the curb, and embrace your playful spirit. Everything pops with Pringles. Make every moment pop with a taste of the unexpected. Is your mouth ready for a deliciously unique snack with indescribably rich taste baked right in? Nacho dip is practically a party staple. And while it’s pretty great, sometimes you’re in the mood to go dipless. Isn’t it great to have options? Pringles® Tortillas Nacho Cheese taste so amazing, even without dip they’re a mega hit. You’re packing your lunch—sandwich, salad, soda, whatnot—but something is missing. Enter Pringles® Snack Stacks. Suddenly lunch has crunch and flavor. And there’s just enough to hold you over until snack time.
To-Go Pack
Flavors Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Cheddar Cheese, BBQ, French Onion Dip, Honey Mustard, Jalapeño, Loaded Baked Potato, Memphis BBQ, Pizza, Ranch, Salt & Vinegar, Cheddar & Sour Cream Cheese, Pizza, Honey Butter Southwestern Ranch, Nacho Cheese, Truly Original, Zesty Salsa BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, Original, Pizza, Sour Cream & Onion

Supplemental Info

  • Why do Pringles have such a unique shape?

    Vic Mills and Ken Hawley realized that developing a potato chip for P&G would require the reinvention of both chip and package. That is when they recruited P&G researcher Fred Bauer.

    Bauer and team researched a chip that would be stackable for efficient distribution, as P&G was unfamiliar with perishable items. Flat discs and rectangles were initially explored.

    Bauer’s serendipitous conversation with an astronomer led to an epiphany. Bauer thought up the double-saddle shape that easily stacked and wouldn’t crack under pressure.

    Alex Liepa simultaneously developed a process of creating a dough that could be flattened, formed, and fried— somewhat inspired by P&G’s paper products.

    Who is Mr. Pringles?

    Mr. Pringles' full name is Julius Pringles, but friends call him Mr. P. He is well-known for his large mustache, parted bangs, and bright red bowtie. But where did he come from and why is he selling us uniformly shaped crisps in a can?

    The original Mr. P was designed by Arch Drummond from New York’s Walter Dorwin Teague Associates, conceived as an old-fashioned bakery shop owner to help counteract the canned image presented by the package.
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