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Acer® ICONIA W3-810 8.1" Windows 8 Tablet, 32GB Item # 169949 OfficeMax # 24045604

Acer® ICONIA W3-810 8.1" Windows 8 Tablet, 32GB
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    Desktop PC productivity in a tablet.

    • High-performance 8" display.  Consistent view across full spectrum of colors at wide viewing angles.
    • Comes with Office Home and Student 2013 Microsoft Product Identified Card (Download).  Features 4 Office 2013 applications: Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® and OneNote®.
    • Built-in versatile webcam with dual cameras.  Includes a 2-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.
    • Wireless-N (802.11b/g/n) for high performance and cable-free networking.  Access wireless networks to collaborate, exchange email and surf the Internet. Work and play on the go.
    • Up to 8 hours of battery life.  Battery life varies depending on the product configuration, product model, applications loaded on the product and the product features you use. As with all batteries, its maximum capacity will decrease with time and usage.
    • Two built-in stereo speakers and an integrated digital microphone.  Enjoy the full quality of high-definition audio support.
    • Weighs just 1.1 lbs.  There's no need to sacrifice capacity and productivity for size and weight.
    • 32GB internal storage. 

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    Item # 169949 
    Manufacturer # NT.L1JAA.001  
    diagonal screen size 8.1 inches
    storage capacity 32 GB
    height 0.45 inches
    processor brand Intel
    hard drive type solid state
    width 8.62 inches
    tablet operating system Windows 8
    computer battery type 2-Cell Li-Polymer (3500 mAh)
    depth 5.31 inches
    video graphics Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
    integrated speakers Yes
    manufacturer Acer, Inc.
    front camera/webcam yes
    wireless connectivity 802.11b/g/n
    Operating Systems Windows 8
    weight 1.2 lb
    brand name Acer
    tablet processor speed 1.5 GHz
    Wi-Fi capability included (Wi-Fi ready) yes
    screen type TFT LCD
    processor type Atom
    maximum battery life 8 hours
    screen resolution 1280 x 800
    memory card reader Yes
    memory 2 GB
    processor model Atom Z2760
    ports micro-USB 2.0, microHDMI, 3.5mm combo jack
    warranty length 1-year limited
    model name W3-810-1600
    audio hardware high-definition audio support
    Touchscreen Yes

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tablet with Windows 8 for a smooth, hands-on multimedia, <b>5-point multi-touch experience<\/b>.","hotspotY":0.3107142857142857,"media":{"runtimePoster":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":768,"width":1366,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/SCREENSHOT_WIN8_Secondary_Animated_TileUpdate_WW_EN.wmv.poster.jpeg"},"src":{"height":768,"width":1366,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/SCREENSHOT_WIN8_Secondary_Animated_TileUpdate_WW_EN.wmv.poster.jpeg"},"sources":[{"height":768,"width":1366,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/SCREENSHOT_WIN8_Secondary_Animated_TileUpdate_WW_EN.wmv.poster.jpeg"}]},"duration":7,"assetWrapper":"tour","isAdaCompliant":false,"src":{"height":768,"width":1366,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/SCREENSHOT_WIN8_Secondary_Animated_TileUpdate_WW_EN.wmv"},"type":"VIDEO","showVideoCaption":true,"sources":[{"height":539,"width":960,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/SCREENSHOT_WIN8_Secondary_Animated_TileUpdate_WW_EN.wmv.flash.flv","profile":"FLASH"},{"height":269,"width":480,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/","profile":"MOBILE"},{"height":101,"width":180,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/SCREENSHOT_WIN8_Secondary_Animated_TileUpdate_WW_EN.wmv.blkbry.mp4","profile":"BLKBRY"}]}},{"hotspotX":0.45,"captionFromAttr":"Your Office in the Palm of Your Hand","direction":"left","description":"<p>With <b>MS Office Home and Student 2013<\/b>, you're in control of getting things done and delivering amazing results according to your schedule.<\/p>","hotspotY":0.29642857142857143,"media":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":143,"width":330,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/d675da1e-81d0-4652-b1ea-a127dc55329f.JPG.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"height":143,"width":330,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/d675da1e-81d0-4652-b1ea-a127dc55329f.JPG"},"type":"IMAGE","sources":[{"height":143,"width":330,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/d675da1e-81d0-4652-b1ea-a127dc55329f.JPG.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"height":143,"width":330,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/d675da1e-81d0-4652-b1ea-a127dc55329f.JPG.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"height":104,"width":240,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/d675da1e-81d0-4652-b1ea-a127dc55329f.JPG.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}]}},{"hotspotX":0.6285714285714286,"captionFromAttr":"Dual-Core Power","direction":"right","description":"the W3 houses a powerful <b>Intel&#174; Atom Dual-Core processor<\/b> up to 1.8GHz for optimum performance and reliability.","hotspotY":0.2571428571428571,"media":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":75,"width":69,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/203d856f-8ef0-4c0d-8bbc-38b6f4bc9203.JPG.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"height":75,"width":69,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/203d856f-8ef0-4c0d-8bbc-38b6f4bc9203.JPG"},"type":"IMAGE","sources":[{"height":75,"width":69,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/203d856f-8ef0-4c0d-8bbc-38b6f4bc9203.JPG.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"height":75,"width":69,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/203d856f-8ef0-4c0d-8bbc-38b6f4bc9203.JPG.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"height":75,"width":69,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/203d856f-8ef0-4c0d-8bbc-38b6f4bc9203.JPG.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}]}},{"hotspotX":0.6535714285714286,"captionFromAttr":"Instantly On","direction":"right","description":"With <b>Acer Always On technology<\/b>, simply press it and it\u2019s on and updated, just like a phone.","hotspotY":0.4357142857142857,"media":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":172,"width":300,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/7c5a02f2-925e-4f6e-9e2d-65476d431e1a.jpg.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"height":172,"width":300,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/7c5a02f2-925e-4f6e-9e2d-65476d431e1a.jpg"},"type":"IMAGE","sources":[{"height":172,"width":300,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/7c5a02f2-925e-4f6e-9e2d-65476d431e1a.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"height":172,"width":300,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/7c5a02f2-925e-4f6e-9e2d-65476d431e1a.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"height":137,"width":240,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/7c5a02f2-925e-4f6e-9e2d-65476d431e1a.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}]}},{"hotspotX":0.5071428571428571,"captionFromAttr":"8 Hour Taskmaster","direction":"right","description":"With enough battery life for <b>up to 8 hours of 720p video playback<\/b>, you have the entire day to do what you want","hotspotY":0.5857142857142857,"media":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":99,"width":121,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/a41ab088-09a3-4abd-a03c-6b9a6eaafa5b.JPG.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"height":99,"width":121,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/a41ab088-09a3-4abd-a03c-6b9a6eaafa5b.JPG"},"type":"IMAGE","sources":[{"height":99,"width":121,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/a41ab088-09a3-4abd-a03c-6b9a6eaafa5b.JPG.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"height":99,"width":121,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/a41ab088-09a3-4abd-a03c-6b9a6eaafa5b.JPG.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"height":99,"width":121,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/a41ab088-09a3-4abd-a03c-6b9a6eaafa5b.JPG.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}]}},{"hotspotX":0.9285714285714286,"captionFromAttr":"Ports","direction":"right","description":"(1) Micro HDMI™ Port with HDCP support, (1) Micro USB 2.0 Port (1), MicroSD Slot (up to 32GB) , (1) 3.5mm combo jack (headphone/speaker), (1) DC-in Jack for AC Adapter","hotspotY":0.32857142857142857,"media":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":46,"width":215,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/resource-90f63343-ef4a-419c-be15-fe5b37e93e01.jpg.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"height":46,"width":215,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/resource-90f63343-ef4a-419c-be15-fe5b37e93e01.jpg"},"type":"IMAGE","sources":[{"height":46,"width":215,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/resource-90f63343-ef4a-419c-be15-fe5b37e93e01.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"height":46,"width":215,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/resource-90f63343-ef4a-419c-be15-fe5b37e93e01.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"height":46,"width":215,"src":"/_cp/products/1370464964645/tab-4ec8b711-14ef-4c56-a3f7-c3fd05eb2a16/resource-90f63343-ef4a-419c-be15-fe5b37e93e01.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}]}}]}],"ipiCompatible":false}
    1. World’s First 8” Windows Tablet
    2. Your Office in the Palm of Your Hand
    3. Dual-Core Power
    4. Instantly On
    5. 8 Hour Taskmaster
    6. Ports

    World’s First 8” Windows Tablet

    The Acer Iconia W3 is the first 8" tablet with Windows 8 for a smooth, hands-on multimedia, 5-point multi-touch experience.

    Your Office in the Palm of Your Hand

    With MS Office Home and Student 2013, you're in control of getting things done and delivering amazing results according to your schedule.

    Dual-Core Power

    the W3 houses a powerful Intel® Atom Dual-Core processor up to 1.8GHz for optimum performance and reliability.

    Instantly On

    With Acer Always On technology, simply press it and it’s on and updated, just like a phone.

    8 Hour Taskmaster

    With enough battery life for up to 8 hours of 720p video playback, you have the entire day to do what you want


    (1) Micro HDMI™ Port with HDCP support, (1) Micro USB 2.0 Port (1), MicroSD Slot (up to 32GB) , (1) 3.5mm combo jack (headphone/speaker), (1) DC-in Jack for AC Adapter
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    The World’s First 8” Windows Tablet  

    The Acer® Iconia W3 Series puts desktop PC productivity in a tablet, so you can work on the go more conveniently than ever. At 8.1", it is compact enough to hold in one hand, yet sports a screen big enough for comfortable viewing. With Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 and sporting 8-hours of battery life, this tablet keeps you in touch and productive while travelling, at work or play. Rounding out this premium mobile-productivity package are Windows 8 and a robust Intel® processor.

    Product Overview



    Introducing the World’s First 8” Windows Tablet

    The Acer® Iconia W3 is the first 8" tablet with Windows 8 for a smooth, hands-on multimedia, 5-point multi-touch experience. The exceptional 8" display makes you feel what you see with consistent and accurate colors from the wide viewing angles.

    A true multi-user tablet, the W3 breathes life into movies and games, lets you enjoy reading and picture editing, and provides easy access to personal apps and settings via live tiles, plus access to the Windows Store to add even more. The W3 also comes with Microsoft® Office Home and Student 2013 so you can edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs on the go.

    Windows 8 has been re-imagined to be all about you. Put what matters most right on your Start screen, and get instant access to your people, apps, sites and more, so you can spend less time searching and more time doing. Windows 8 is smooth, intuitive, and designed to let you do what you want, the way you want.




    Productivity On-the-Go with Office!

    With Microsoft Office included*, you’re in control of getting things done according to your schedule.  Edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents on the go, at the office, home, or school. *Activation required to use Office Home & Student 2013. See FAQs for full details.

    The Iconia W3 syncs across all your Windows 8 devices, so what you need is always there for a universal experience. Opt for the full-size Bluetooth® keyboard that snaps to the back of your tablet, and the W3 becomes as productive as a notebook, while preserving tablet mobility.

    Bring your files because there's a microSD™ card slot built in. Port your whole experience to your big screen TV in full HD glory through the Micro-HDMI port. The W3 also features a Micro-USB port for sharing and expanded storage capacity.

    You'll enjoy high-quality face-to-face chats thanks to the built-in 2MP front and rear-facing cameras and 802.11b/g/n wireless, while Bluetooth® technology lets you wirelessly connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as phones and printers, eliminating the need for cables. Acer Instant Connect gets you to the web in 4x faster than conventional notebooks by remembering previous Wi-Fi spots you've visited!

    With AcerCloud, your PC's storage IS your Cloud storage with wireless access to your photos, music, videos and documents—wherever you are, on any PC, on all your devices! With Acer Always On technology, simply press it and it’s on and updated, just like a phone.






    8 Hour Taskmaster

    Compact enough to hold in one hand, yet big enough for comfortable reading, web browsing and video enjoyment, the W3 houses a powerful Intel® Atom Dual-Core processor for optimum performance and reliability.

    With enough battery life for up to 8 hours of 720p video playback, you have the entire day to do what you want—check the morning news, update your social media at lunch, and watch a movie in the evening.

    Matched with a large 16:10 display, the W3 is ideal for HD entertainment on the way or getting some serious work done without scrambling for a power outlet.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: Does this tablet have a full version of Windows 8?

      Yes, It runs the full version of Windows 8, so in addition to tablet apps, it can be switched to the traditional Windows desktop, where you can install and run most programs that work on Windows 7.
      Q: Does this tablet come with Microsoft Office?

      Yes, this tablet comes with Microsoft® Office Home and Student 2013 so you can edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs on the go, but you must activate it. A Product Identification Card is included in the box (don’t throw it away!) and it has an activation key on it. Simply start the PC, click on the Office Icon on the Windows 8 Start Screen, click activate, then enter the activation key from the Office key card and its ready to use!
      Q: How long does the battery last?

      The Iconia W3 Series houses the Intel® AtomTM processor Z2760 and packs enough battery life for up to 8 hours of 720p video playback. This tablet is ideal for watching movies on the way or getting some serious work done without scrambling for a power outlet.

    Acer Iconia W3

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