RCA IP060S Business Class VoIP Cordless Handset
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RCA IP060S Business Class VoIP Cordless Handset

Item # 185087
Additional handset to expand your RCA cordless VoIP phone system
  • Cordless handset is an accessory for the RCA IP160S VoIP phone (required, sold separately).
  • Allows more simultaneous users.
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    Additional handset to expand your RCA cordless VoIP phone system

    • Cordless handset is an accessory for the RCA IP160S VoIP phone (required, sold separately).  Handset does not operate independently. (The IP160S system supports up to 6 cordless handsets.)
    • Allows more simultaneous users.  Also provides additional mobility around the office.

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    Item # 185087 
    Manufacturer # IP060S  
    brand name RCA
    memory capacity 300 numbers
    number of speed-dial buttons 10
    phone book capacity 300 numbers
    dimensions 6" x 4.5" x 4.5"
    conference calling yes
    voicemail compatible yes
    caller ID compatible yes
    total recycled content 0%
    mute feature yes
    wired/wireless wireless
    color Black
    manufacturer Telefield
    speakerphone Yes
    call waiting compatible yes
    postconsumer recycled content 0%
    warranty length 2-year limited
    model name IP060S
    volume control yes

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    IP060S VoIP Cordless Accessory Handset & Service

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      This cordless accessory handset is perfect for needed flexibility and mobility around the office. As your business grows, mix and match up to 6 cordless handsets (IP060S) or deskphones (IP070S) to your IP160S VoIP phone system with service.

      Each system can support 2 base stations allowing you to expand up to 12 total devices.

    • Sign up now - Only $19.95 per line per month

      -Including unlimited calling to the US and Canada

      No contract required
      -Replaces your current phone service

      Grows with your business
      -Add as many phones as your business requires

      Easy set up
      -Keep your existing number and activate in minutes

      Reach remote employees in seconds
      -Just dial their 3-digit extension. Great for businesses with employees in multiple locations

      -Incoming calls can be answered on another handset, no need to place your important calls on hold

    • Features

      • Digital receptionist (auto attendant)
      • 3-Digit extension dialing
      • Full duplex speakerphone
      • Do not disturb
      • VIP ringtones
      • Call conferencing
      • Caller ID with name
      • Call log
      • Handset-to-handset intercom
      • Keep existing phone number or get a new number
      • E911 supported
      • 2-year warranty
      • No additional hardware required

    • • Music on hold
      • Business class voice quality
      • No contract required
      • Grows with your business - just add additional lines & units
      • Unlimited nationwide calling plus Canada
      • 6-line appearances
      • Easily scales - even to multiple offices
      • Easy to set up and manage
      • Easy to use website for activation and changes
      • Voicemail
      • Voicemail to email
      • Retrieve voicemail vial email or the web

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