Jabra EXTREME2 Earset
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    Jabra EXTREME2 Earset

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      The Jabra EXTREME2 builds on the great success and technology of its predecessor, the Jabra EXTREME. Noise Blackout 3.0 technology blocks out an astonishing amount of background noise, to ensure you can enjoy your conversations without disruptions. Sound quality is taken even higher with the inclusion of HD Voice technology. This enhancement will allow you to hear the other person's voice with unbelievable clarity, so that you can enjoy extremely clear hands-free conversations - anywhere and anytime. Automatic Volume control instantly adjusts the headset's volume to best suit your environment. These features will retain the natural sound of your voice on every call. Jabra EXTREME2's superb fit also enhances its sound quality. Ultimate Comfort Eargels and a choice of wearing styles means the headset will sit comfortably and securely, keeping you comfortable and at ease whenever you're wearing it.

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      Item # 192796 
      Manufacturer # S8358711  
      Earpiece Controls Pairing; Call/Answer/End; Reject Call; Voice Dial; Redial; Call Waiting; Hold; Volume; Power
      Sound Mode Mono
      Integrated Microphone Yes
      height 0.9"
      Features Auto Volume Adjustment; Noise Cancelling
      Certifications & Standards CE; FCC; IC; GOST; EK; China SRRC; NCC; TELEC; AUS ACMA; NZ Radcomm; IDA
      Microphone Controls Mute
      Wireless Operating Distance 32.8 ft
      Microphone Electret
      width 0.7"
      Product Line EXTREME2
      package contents EXTREME2 Earset; 2 x Ultimate-Comfort Eargels; 2 x Ear Hooks (S, L); 1 x AC Charger; 1 x USB Charger; 1 x Car charger; 1 x Quick Start Manual; 1 x Warranty leaflet
      earpiece style monaural
      Earpiece Design Over-the-ear; earbud
      Product Name EXTREME2 Earset
      manufacturer GN Netcom A/S
      Maximum Battery Run Time 5.50 Hour
      Compatibility Bluetooth Versions:; 3.0; 1.1Bluetooth Profiles:; Headset V1.2; Hands-free V1.6; Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
      weight 0.35 oz
      brand name Jabra
      standby time 252 Hour
      wireless Wireless
      impedance 16 Ohm
      Driver Size 0.43"
      material Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC/ABS)
      Bluetooth Bluetooth
      form factor In-ear
      warranty length 1-year limited

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      Extreme Noise cancellation for any environment


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        • Dual microphone technology for exceptional call quality
        • HD Voice technology allows you to hear the other person's voice clearly
        • Pair it with 2 Bluetooth™-enabled devices, such as a mobile phone, tablet or MP3 player
        • Wear it all day long with its Ultimate-fit Eargels™, available in different sizes
        • Stream music, podcasts or GPS directions
        • Up to 5.5 hours talk time and up to 10.5 days standby time
      • Talk freely, in any environment
        Jabra Extreme2 uses the latest in noise reduction technology to drown out everything, except your voice. It includes Noise Blackout™ 3.0 and HD Voice technology.

        No more fumbling with the volume button
        Jabra Extreme2 automatically adjusts the headset volume to your environment, so no matter where you are you can hear above the noise.

        So comfortable, you’ll forget it’s in your ear
        Jabra Extreme2 features our patented Ultimate Comfort Eargels™ that come in many sizes. They’re soft, comfortable and mold to the shape of your ear. Choose your preferred wearing style, for a custom-fit that works for you.
      • It talks too

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        It talks too
        You’re busy, and you want technology that saves you time, not wastes it. Jabra Extreme2 talks you through everything. It tells you how to pair it with your devices, tells whether or not you’re connected, how much battery life it has left and even who’s calling. It’s like having a personal assistant in your ear, only more comfortable.

      Video Tutorials

      • How to connect Jabra EXTREME2 to multiple Bluetooth devices

        {"runtimePoster":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":480,"width":854,"src":"/_cp/products/1359149350055/tab-440259f7-157c-46d9-a864-f05315a6fc10/HowtoconnectJabrEXTREME2tomultipleBluetthdevice.flv.poster.jpeg"},"src":{"height":480,"width":854,"src":"/_cp/products/1359149350055/tab-440259f7-157c-46d9-a864-f05315a6fc10/HowtoconnectJabrEXTREME2tomultipleBluetthdevice.flv.poster.jpeg"},"sources":[{"height":480,"width":854,"src":"/_cp/products/1359149350055/tab-440259f7-157c-46d9-a864-f05315a6fc10/HowtoconnectJabrEXTREME2tomultipleBluetthdevice.flv.poster.jpeg"}]},"duration":126,"assetWrapper":"rich-features","caption":" How to connect Jabra EXTREME2 to multiple Bluetooth devices","isAdaCompliant":false,"src":{"height":480,"width":854,"src":"/_cp/products/1359149350055/tab-440259f7-157c-46d9-a864-f05315a6fc10/HowtoconnectJabrEXTREME2tomultipleBluetthdevice.flv"},"sources":[{"height":480,"width":854,"src":"/_cp/products/1359149350055/tab-440259f7-157c-46d9-a864-f05315a6fc10/HowtoconnectJabrEXTREME2tomultipleBluetthdevice.flv.flash.flv","profile":"FLASH"},{"height":269,"width":480,"src":"/_cp/products/1359149350055/tab-440259f7-157c-46d9-a864-f05315a6fc10/","profile":"MOBILE"},{"height":101,"width":180,"src":"/_cp/products/1359149350055/tab-440259f7-157c-46d9-a864-f05315a6fc10/HowtoconnectJabrEXTREME2tomultipleBluetthdevice.flv.blkbry.mp4","profile":"BLKBRY"}]}
         How to connect Jabra EXTREME2 to multiple Bluetooth devices
        Watch the “Hands-on with Jabra Support” tutorial video. In this video we will show you how to pair and connect your Jabra EXTREME2 headset to multiple devices such as Bluetooth mobile phones.

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      • Connectivity

        Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
        Supports Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity
        Bluetooth version: 2.1
        Supports Bluetooth® version 2.1
        Talk Range (m): Up to 100 m
        Up to The maximum talk range is 100 meters m
        Talk Range (feet): Up to 300 ft
        Talk range defines how far away you can be from the headset base and still be connected and carry on a conversation
        Unified Communication: Yes
        The device is fit for Unified Communications
        Operating System: Windows
        This device supports Microsoft Windows
        Connectivity: USB
        This device is connected via USB
        Designed to optimize the experience of using a Unified Communications client
        Connects to a PC and can be used to stream music/sound and for voice calls
        Jabra PC Suite: Yes
        Jabra PC Suite enables remote call control with Jabra headsets and the latest generation of UC and IP softphones. Wireless headset users can answer and end calls away from their desk and softphone. With a corded headset, Jabra PC Suite gives you a number of remote call control functions either directly from your headset or from in-line buttons on the cord.The seamless integration between headset and softphone allows users to benefit from enhanced mobility and the ability to multitask while on a call. This freedom improves work efficiency and ergonomics throughout the day.

      Quick Start


        Charge your headset using the AC adapter, the USB or car charger.
        Take the charger and plug the charging tip into the socket on the headset

        Plug the end of the AC adapter into a wall outlet, or the end of your USB charger into your PC or use the car charger in your car

        Red light: Your headset is less than 20% charged

        Yellow light: Your headset is between 20% and 70% charged

        Green light: Your headset is between 70% and fully charged (take approx. 2 hours). When the headset is fully charged the green light will turn off.


        Charge your headset in the car in between calls.

        The functional design also serves as a headset holder for convenient storage and access.


        Slide the ON/OFF button down/forward

        The indicator light will flash blue when the headset is on. Voice Guidance will tell you "Powered On"


        Slide the ON/OFF button up/backward

        The indicator light will flash blue turning off the headset. Voice Guidance will tell you "Powered Off"


        First time you turn your headset on, the Jabra EXTREME automatically enters into pairing mode (indicator light flashing blue).

        For later pairing:
        Turn the headset on and press and hold the Answer/End button.

        The indicator flashing blue when the headset is ready for pairing.

        The Jabra EXTREME2 can be paired with up to 8 different Bluetooth® devices and connected to two of them at the same time.

        Your Jabra EXTREME2 will voice guide you through the pairing process with your mobile phone.

        Set your Bluetooth phone to discover the Jabra EXTREME2. Follow your phone's instruction guide. This usually involves going to a "setup", "connect" or "Bluetooth" menu on your phone and selecting the option to discover or add a Bluetooth device.

        Your phone will find the Jabra EXTREME2.

        The Jabra EXTREME2 and your phone then asks if you want to pair with it. Accept by pressing "yes" or "OK" on the phone and confirm with the passkey or PIN = 0000 (four zeros) if asked for.

        Your phone will confirm when pairing is complete. In case of unsuccessful pairing, repeat the steps.

        When the blue indicator light flashes intermittently, pairing is successful.


        When you receive a call the indicator will flash blue

        Voice Guidance will tell you who is calling

        Tap the Answer/End button on your headset to answer the call


        When you want to end a call, tap the Answer/End button on your headset

        Voice Guidance will tell you "Call ended"


        To increase volume: tap the button with the + symbol repeatedly until the desired volume is reached.

        To decrease the volume: tap the button with the - symbol repeatedly until the desired volume is reached.


        Tap volume up or down to check battery status

        Voice Guidance will tell you the battery level and the indicator light indicator will light up


        The Jabra EASYGO can be worn on either ear with or without an earhook.

        When you open the EASYGO packagingthe first time you will find the headset fitted with a standard Jabra eargel and a S/M size earhook. If you find that the earhook is too small there is a size L in the pack that you can replace it with.

        If you prefer to wear the headset without the earhook, we recommend that remove the earhook and replace the eargel with one of the two "Ultimate Comfort Eargel™" that are included in the pack.

        With earhook
        Gently wrap the earhook behind your ear and fit the speaker into the ear.

        With Ultimate Comfort Eargel™
        Fit the speaker in your ear.

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