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Windows 8.1 Pro Pack , Download Version
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Windows 8.1 Pro Pack , Download Version

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What's new with Windows 8.1 Pro Pack?

  • Protect your data with BitLocker Drive Encryption

    Use BitLocker Drive Encryption to help protect your files on an entire drive. BitLocker can help block hackers from accessing the system files they rely on to discover your password, or from accessing your drive by physically removing it from your PC and installing it in a different one.
  • Access one PC from another with Remote Desktop

    With Remote Desktop you can connect your PC to a PC in another location, like your work PC to your home PC and use all of your apps, files, and network resources as if you were sitting right in front of your work PC. You can leave apps open at work and then see those same apps on your home PC.
  • Join or create a workgroup with domain join

    Easily join an existing workgroup on a network or create a new one with domain join. Workgroups allow you to share file and printer settings, so that you can stay connected to your company’s network.
  • Watch and record TV with Windows Media Center

    Watch, pause, and record HDTV, watch DVDs, listen to your tunes, show off your photos, and enjoy online shows. All in one place with Windows Media Center – a whole PC entertainment system.
  • Enhanced Data protection

    With Windows 8.1 Pro Pack connect to company networks, access files on the go, and encrypt your data. Plus, watch and record live TV with Windows Media Center.
  • Don’t forget, Office isn’t included in Windows 8.1 Pro Pack.

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System requirements

If you were running Windows 8.1, your PC will restart automatically and Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center will be available for use.

To install Windows 8.1 Pro Pack, you must be running Windows 8.1. Internet access fees may apply. Prices shown are estimated retail prices; actual price may vary. Additional hardware may be required to watch and record live TV with Windows Media Center. If you purchase a new PC with an addition of Windows 8.1 preinstalled and you later upgrade that PC with Windows 8.1 Pro Pack, Windows 8 Media Center Pack, a volume license edition, or a retail edition, you will no longer be able to install apps that are provided exclusively from your PC manufacturer through the Windows Store.

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