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Zebra® Sarasa® Gel Ink Retractable Pens, 0.7 mm, Medium Point, Clear Barrel, Black Ink, Pack Of 12
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Zebra® Sarasa® Gel Ink Retractable Pens, 0.7 mm, Medium Point, Clear Barrel, Black Ink, Pack Of 12

Item # 270600 OfficeMax # 21131071
Smooth-flowing ink for superior writing on every page
  • Translucent barrel offers a visible gel ink supply.
  • Cushioned grip lessens writer's fatigue — perfect for extended periods of use!
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Smooth-flowing ink for superior writing on every page
  • Translucent barrel offers a visible gel ink supply.  Water-based ink is smudge-resistant and acid-free for long-term storage.
  • Cushioned grip lessens writer's fatigue — perfect for extended periods of use! 
  • Convenient pocket clip provides ultimate portability. 

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Item # 270600 
Manufacturer # 46810D  
ink color Black
barrel color Clear
brand name Zebra
grip type rubberized
ink type gel
manufacturer Zebra Pen Corporation
pocket clip yes
point size 0.7 mm
point type medium
Product Type pen
quantity 12
refillable no

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Zebra� Sarasa� Gel Ink Retractable Pens, 0.7 mm, Medium Point, Clear Barrel, Black Ink, Pack Of 12 5 5 4 4
Best One! Soft, clear, defined lines. June 21, 2014
Great Gel Pen I have been using these pens for 10 years. They are great pens and the gel flows immediately unlike other gel pens or ballpoint pens. The gel flows smoothly and the ink dries quickly. I use the pens to sign checks at work. April 27, 2013
Best gel pen out there This .7 gel pen is the best you can buy, even beats the Powertank for writing on wet paper. Very smooth writing, I can't recommend this enough. February 4, 2013
Pens Just wanted to say love these pens it's just I had gotten a bad box last year 2008 they were all dried out when I went to use them and I had not had them for a long time I guess the shelf life of those pens had run out when they were delivered but over all very good gel pens :-)). Just make sure you send good not expired boxes thanks!! March 30, 2009
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Product Details

  • Maximize Productivity with Rapid Dry Ink Technology

    For the Chief Home and Work Organizers, the Sarasa line delivers a flowing ink experience, Rapid Dry Ink Technology, and noticeable color vibrancy allowing for maximum creativity and organization. Dries in less than a second, in an instant on most surfaces, allowing for quick and easy color coding and creative expression.

    Soft rubber grip provides superb writing comfort and control. Its retractable tip distributes smooth flowing gel ink allowing for a scratch-free write. Translucent barrel provides ink color and supply visibility.
  • Zebra’s Best Selling Retractable Gel, in 14 Vibrant Colors

    • Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) Technology dries in less than a second on most surfaces.
    • No Smears. No Smudges.
    • 14 Vibrant Ink Colors.
    • 0.5mm/0.7mm/1.0mm Point Size featuring RDI Technology
    • Ultra Glide Ink Performance
    • Left-Hander’s Best Friend


Ink Innovation

  • Welcome to the Zebra Pen Ink Lab

    The world of writing instruments is overflowing with variety. There are different style pens with varying performance characteristics to conform to the uniqueness of each writer, creator or artist.

    Each individual has performance characteristics that they would like their writing or marking instrument to deliver. For some it’s a smooth ink lay down, for others it might be that they want the ink to dry quickly, for others it might be a boldness in color. The challenge is as a consumer do we really understand all of the technical terminology that is jettisoned our way.

    Perhaps. But more than likely, perhaps NOT.

    Within the Zebra Ink Lab we’ll help you understand what these terms and phrases mean as it relates to your desire to select a writing instrument or creative marking tool.

  • Ink Types – Consumer Benefit

    A new advancement in ink technology from Zebra.

    There are many products in the market touting quick drying ink capabilities. The investment into an ink that dries quickly was made to aid left-hand writers, those who use pens for creative purposes, and anyone who wishes to eliminate smearing and smudging of their penned creations.

    Here’s the kicker. The speed within which an ink will dry is contingent upon a variety of variables:

    • Users writing pressure when putting pen to paper. The more pressure put on the pen point the more ink laid down on the writing surface, the more ink laid down on the writing surface the longer it will take to dry.
    • Bold point sizes, like a 1.0mm; will also influence dry time. Think of point size as a hole size. The larger the point size, the larger the nib hole; which means more ink is laid down on the writing surface. The more ink that is laid down on the writing surface the longer it will take to dry.
    • Paper Stock is another important factor in ink dry time. If a paper has any type of coating it will impact the inks absorption capacity. In other words, if the ink is not capable of being absorbed by the paper it will obviously not dry very quickly.
    • Ink color is another variable, especially metallic. If you think about the pen nib as an opening through which the ink flows; the wider the opening (1.0mm) the more ink that is placed on the surface. The more ink on the surface the slightly longer it takes to dry. For metallic inks, which are made up of “color flakes”, the nib opening needs to be wide enough to let the ink flow onto the paper. In turn, metallic ink pens will dry a little slower than standard colors.

    Zebra took all of these variables into account and worked to optimize its RDI Ink for a variety of surfaces. Below is a chart outlining our dry time on the most commonly used paper stock. Additionally, we have also provided a color vibrancy comparison to exhibit that dry time does not have to infringe on color vibrancy.

  • Sarasa Third Party Testing

    Testing completed by Third Party Lab Facility, Test Procedure: Wrote out with pen, tested, immediately ran finger across line to test for smudging, then tested in 1 second increments.

    Key Findings: Fastest Drying on the following substrates:

    • Slick surfaces (80lb cover stock)
    • Greeting cards
    • spiral notebook
    • index cards
  • Color Vibrancy

    Third Party Lab Testing Compared Color Vibrancy of Sarasa RDI to that of Other Leading Gel Brands.
    X=color available in brand
  • What is Viscosity?

    Viscosity is a measure of a liquid’s ability to resist flow. A thick liquid that does not flow easily has high-viscosity; a thin liquid that readily flows has low-viscosity.

    The impact of a low viscosity ink is writing smoothness. Below is a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using low viscosity inks.

    Low viscosity inks are generally found in rollerball or gel pens, where as a high viscosity oil-based ink is generally found in ballpoint style pens where dry time is more critical than smoothness.

  • Advantages
    • Less pressure needs to be applied to the pen to have it write cleanly. This permits holding the pen with less stress on the hand, saving energy and improving comfort. This can also translate to quicker writing speeds.
    • The inks usually have a greater range of colors.
    • They tend to write finer lines and more clearly.


    • More likely to smudge due to longer dry time.
    • More likely to “bleed” through the paper due to its absorption into the paper.
    • Generally run out of ink more quickly as more ink is flowing through the nib.
  • As a company rich in ink innovation, Zebra’s Emulsion Ink is a reflection of its continual effort to enhance and evolve what is already quite good.

    We recognize that writing smoothness is of great importance to most consumers. When they are not using technology and are required to put pen to paper they want their writing experience to be effortless; they want the writing instrument to glide across the paper.

    Zebra’s Emulsion Ink Technology is the premium in effortless writing performance, providing a superbly smooth writing experience. Emulsion Ink provides more ink flow than other inks for fluid luxurious strokes covering a broad area. It is the smoothest pen currently available on the market.

  • FAQ

    How can you prevent check fraud?
    Use Orbitz Gel Pens! Mail snatchers use a process called check washing to erase the ink on a check using common household chemicals and then re-write the check sometimes in amounts far more than the original check was written for! Protect yourself from this criminal act using check safe pens, such as the Orbitz Gel Pen. Orbitz’s ink includes pigments that penetrate the paper’s surface making impenetrable to many check washing techniques.

    Are Zebra Highlighters AP Certified?
    Yes, the Zazzle Tank and Zazzle Liquid Highlighter are AP Certified.

    What is Coefficient of Friction?
    Smoothness is defined by the Coefficient of Friction which is ratio between the force necessary to move one surface horizontally over another and the pressure between the two surfaces. ZEBRA’s Emulsion Ink Technology has the lowest (best) friction measurement of anything currently on the market.

    Is my ZEBRA Pen Refillable?
    We know you love your writing instrument and don’t want to give it up, once the ink runs out! For this reason, we offer refills for many ZEBRA Pens allowing you to hold onto your beloved writing tool. 

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