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SanDisk® SDHC™ (Secure Digital High Capacity) Memory Card, 32GB Item # 337515 OfficeMax # 23298824

SanDisk® SDHC™ (Secure Digital High Capacity) Memory Card, 32GB

    Get more storage & faster write speeds!
    • Perfect for full-motion video. 
    • Larger storage capacity than Secure Digital cards.  Compatibility note: SDHC cards are compatible with SDHC-compatible devices ONLY — they are NOT backward compatible with devices that use only standard SD memory. Check with your device's manufacturer for compatibility information.
    • Can be used in a variety of digital products that support SDHC.  Examples include: digital music players, cellular phones, handheld PCs and PDAs, digital cameras, digital video camcorders, smart phones, car navigation systems and electronic books.
    • Write-protect switch prevents your data from being overwritten. 

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    Item # 337515 
    Manufacturer # SDSDB-032G-A46  
    brand name SanDisk
    manufacturer SanDisk
    memory card capacity 32 GB
    model name SDSDB-032G-A11
    quantity 1
    warranty length 5-yr limited

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    Product Overview



    32GB SDHC™ Memory Card



    Maximize Your Camera’s Memory

    Capture every precious moment. Keep shooting without fear of running out of space.

    Great Value for the Money

    SanDisk® SDHC™ memory cards are recommended for standard point-and-shoot digital cameras and 720p HD1 videos. These value-based cards provide a substantial expansion option of 32GB* storage, so pick up a few cards at a time and start building your reliable digital library!

    Reliability for Everyday Use

    Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to capturing your special moments. Down to every component, SanDisk® SDHC™ memory cards are designed, built, and proven to withstand all of life’s little bumps and turns, while capturing all its brilliance too.


    Store Your World In Ours®

    Did you know SanDisk® SDHC™ cards are...




    Product Features and Benefits 

    • 32GB* Memory Card.
    • Class-4 speed performance for recording up to 720p HD1 video clips
    • Easy labeling for multiple storage uses – photos, music and videos
    • Solid-state memory with no moving parts for proven reliability 
    • Waterproof, temperature proof, shock proof, vibration proof, and x-ray proof2
    • Built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss
    • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty**




    More Capacity, More Storage

    SanDisk® offers a wide range of capacities to match your memory needs!


    --Not all card capacities available in all stores--


    Higher Class Rating, Better Quality Videos

    When recording videos class determines the quality of video you can record. The higher the class rating on a imaging card the higher quality video you can record.


    --Not all card types available in all stores--

    *,**,1,2, ++ --See "Supporting Details" tab for reference


    How Much Memory Do I Need?

    Card capacity determines how many photos and/or videos you can capture.

    First consider how you will use your camera or camcorder to determine the right memory capacity and speed needed from your card. This will help you realize how many more photos and/or videos you can store on your camera or camcorder. Also consider the quality of the picture resolution of every photo. Refer to the chart below to compare the various storage capacities designed to fit your needs.



    3,4 -Please see the "Supporting Details" for further information


    Product Tour

    SanDisk Reliability

    Protect your precious memories from life’s mishaps



    No matter where your travels take you, you'll always be able to capture the most memorable moments.

    • Capture, trust and protect your images on a SanDisk® memory card
    • SanDisk® memory cards offer unmatched performance, reliability and endurance
    • SanDisk® SDHC™ memory cards are designed, built, and proven to withstand all of life’s little bumps and turns. 




    With no moving parts for less wear and tear, SanDisk® SDHC™ memory cards provide reliable performance.

    All of the SanDisk® SDHC™ memory cards are waterproof, temperature proof, shock and vibration proof, and x-ray proof2.                       




    How to Read a Memory Card?

    1. Video
    2. SanDisk® Reliability
    3. Writable Label for Easy Organization
    4. Format
    5. Capacity
    6. SanDisk®
    7. Write-Protect Lock Switch


    Higher class means higher quality. Higher class cards support higher bit-rates of video, and higher quality video recording. Check your camera/camcorder for recommended class rating.

    SanDisk® Reliability

    SanDisk®  SD™, SDHC™, microSD™ and microSDHC™ memory cards are tested under harsh conditions.

    Writable Label for Easy Organization

    This SanDisk®  memory card has a blank writable white space on the front of the card, making it easy to identify your different cards. Use one memory card for all your vacation photos, and another for all your favorite music--the label makes it easy to see which is which at a glance. Rather than inserting cards into your digital device to review the content, simply look at the label and go.


    Select the memory card that fits your device. SanDisk® manufactures every major flash memory card format.


    Shooting lots of photos or video requires more space than ever. Choose higher capacity cards so you won’t risk missing the shot of a lifetime.


    SanDisk® is the global leader in flash memory cards with over 20 years experience designing and manufacturing flash memory cards.

    Write-Protect Lock Switch

    Built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss. Simply slide the switch to the lock position to lock your pictures and data and unlock once you are ready to delete.
    Product Tour
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    Form Factor:SDHC™ 
    Capacity:32GB* Memory Card.
    Application:Recommended for your standard point-and-shoot cameras and devices that can support 720p (HD1) videos
    Video performance rating: Class 4
    Compatibility: All SDHC™ and SDXC™ supporting host devices.
    Country of Origin:Imported
    Dimensions: 1.25 x 0.95 x 0.09 in (31.73 x 23.99 x 2.19 mm)
    Operating temperature:

    From the desert to the glaciers, guaranteed  -13ºF to 185ºF (-25ºC to 85 ºC)  

    Storage temperature: -40ºF to 185ºF (-40ºC to 85ºC)
    Reliability: Backed by rigorous stress-testing procedures
    Support:5-year limited warranty**

    Built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss

    Package Contents:

    • Card
    • Jewel Case

    *,**,1--See "Supporting Details" for reference


    Supporting Details

    * 1 megabyte (MB) = 1 million bytes. 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes.

    ** 5-year warranty in regions not recognizing limited warranty.

    1 Full HD video (1920x1080x30fps) HD (1280x720x30fps) and 3D video support may vary based upon host device, file size, resolution, compression, bit rate, content, and other factors. See

    2SD and SDHC card formats up to 32GB only; See for additional information.

    31 gigabyte (GB)=1billion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage.

    4Approximations: results will vary based on file size, resolution, compression, bit rate, content,  host device, pre-loaded files & other factors. See

    ++ Full HD video (1920x1080x30fps), HD & 3D video support may vary based upon host device, file size, resolution, compression, bit rate, content, and other factors.

    SanDisk, the SanDisk logo and Store Your World In Ours are trademarks of SanDisk Corporation, registered in the United States and other countries. SD and SDHC marks and logos are trademarks of SD-3C, LLC.

    SanDisk 25th Anniversary Rules: Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. States & Washington DC, who are at least 18 & have attained legal age of majority in their state.  Promo codes valid and available between 8/1/12 & 8/1/13.  Promo Codes must be redeemed by 11:59 PM PT 8/1/13. Void where prohibited.  See Official Rules, at, for details, including how to obtain Promo Code without purchase. Sponsor: SanDisk Corporation.

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