Rosetta Stone V4 French Level 1 - 5 Set, For PC/Mac, Traditional Disc
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Rosetta Stone V4 French Level 1 - 5 Set, For PC/Mac, Traditional Disc

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Learn to read, write, speak and understand a new language with this interactive software
  • Learn through language-enhancing games and live online lessons.
  • Includes headset with microphone for using the speech recognition technology.
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Learn to read, write, speak and understand a new language with this interactive software
  • Learn through language-enhancing games and live online lessons.  Covers both basic conversational skills and complex situations, builds vocabulary and uses dynamic immersion to help you learn to speak naturally.
  • Includes headset with microphone for using the speech recognition technology. 
  • Provides access for up to 5 users on up to 2 computers. 
  • Also includes access to Rosetta Stone mobile apps for the iPad®, iPhone® and Android devices. 
  • Compatible with Windows® and Mac. 

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Item # 471836 
Manufacturer # 8066456  
educational content foreign language
platform Mac; PC
operating system compatibility Windows XP SP3 or higher; Windows Vista SP2 or higher; Windows 7 or higher; Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11 or higher; Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 or higher; Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.2 or higher
memory requirements 1 GB
minimum hard disk space 600 (per level) MB
minimum processor compatibility 1GHz
minimum resolution required 1024 x 768
software type CD-ROM
version 2011
release date 8/16/2010
brand name Rosetta Stone
publisher Rosetta Stone

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Rated 4.1 out of 5�by 34 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5�by It got me through Paris I originally bought 5 levels of RS French just because I was interested in learning French; however, my family decided to take a trip to Paris, so I ended up getting practical use of my new French skills sooner than expected. By the time of my trip, I completed the first two levels. I can honestly say I never struggled the entire time that I was there. I was able order my food and understand the signs that I needed. I was able to tell the lady in the hotel which room key we needed. Unfortunately, we were in fairly tourist-y areas for most of the trip, so many people would speak English with us almost immediately, so I didn't get as many opportunities to flex my French as I would have liked. BUT, on one occasion, we wandered off the beaten path into a random, unassuming restaurant. We greeted the waitress and got seated and it wasn't until my parents (who don't speak French) were trying to order off the French menu that she realized we weren't French, so my accent must have been passable. I should also add that this random restaurant had the best food of our entire trip. I recommend that anyone going to Paris avoid the high volume tourist areas and find some little place where only the locals must eat. I promise you won't regret it. My only issue with Rosetta Stone is that it gets a little tedious as you progress beyond the first level. It's not because the software changes or anything. The novelty just wears off and you need to really be interested in learning the language to keep going. I had really slowed down before we decided to go to France. It was only the prospect of getting to actually use what I was learning that got me through it. It's nothing wrong with RS. RS stone does a great job of making learning feel like a game, but after the easy stuff is out of the way, that game starts to feel a lot like learning a language again, which is no easy task. I think RS is fantastic and I firmly believe that it's one of the only ways that I could have learned so much French in two months, short of a private tutor. However, don't try to rely solely on this software to do the trick. Listening to French podcasts and maybe looking at some grammar books will help to fill in gaps left by RS and break up the monotony of only learning form one source. Rosetta Stone isn't personalized for the stuff that you want to learn, so you will have to make an effort to find sources other that will teach you about that specific stuff, if you really want to use your language for your interests before you finish all of the levels. For example, in the first two levels, you don't learn a lot of expressions or anything, so I made sure to find other sources to teach me about casual conversation and clear up anything that I didn't quite understand from RS (which wasn't much). February 14, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5�by Keyboard The keyboard set up is very frustrating! Having to change to different keyboards to access accents, high apostrophes etc. is driving me mad! February 12, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5�by not too happy The program is a little too fast for me maybe? Sentences are thrown at you before they are explained why and how you say and spell such. The CD-s I got with my first shipment cannot be accesses from my CD-ROM maybe I do not do this the right way, however, I can open and listen to my other CD-s. I also had a lot of problems signing in at times and to continue where I had left off, thankfully it has worked lately, once the program just shut down when I was in the middle of doing a lesson I finally got it back but not easy for one who is not that knowledgeable about all this new technology. Sorry I cannot give you a better report February 11, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5�by Rosetta Stone French 1-4 "Best Purchase Ever" aptly describes my enthusiasm for this product. I am preparing to travel to France and have been practicing w Rosetta Stone for 3 months. After some initial technological problems which customer service worked with me to correct, I am sailing with this program! I really enjoy the tutorials, the pictures are fun and realistic, the Bingo game is a great listening tool, the Sessions with a live native French speaker have been helpful, and the practice I can do while walking with my IPhone invaluable. I have already purchased RS for Spanish and Italian - no better way to keep the brain exercised while learning something fun and useful! February 9, 2015
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  • Rosetta Stone is dedicated to changing the way the world learns. The company's innovative, technology-driven language, literacy and brain-fitness solutions are used by thousands of schools, businesses, government organizations and millions of individuals around the world. Today the company offers courses in 30 languages!

Discover Rosetta Stone Levels 1-5

  • Discover Rosetta Stone Levels 1-5

    Millions of people around the world have already learned a new language with our award-winning approach. It's no coincidence that Rosetta Stone is the fastest way to learn a language. Our method is effective because it's more than the newest app—it's the result of decades of research into the way people learn best.

    With the Level 1-5 Set you will develop your command of the language. From the simple to the complex, gain the confidence to share your ideas and opinions. Develop conversational skills to plan adventures, care for your health and move abroad. Talk about government, work, movies and citizenship. Discuss family and traditions. And celebrate success.

  • Interactive Software

    You’ll learn through immersion—which means you’ll only hear and speak your new language. Without offering your native language for translation, our interactive immersion encourages you to learn more actively than other methods, which means you’ll be more successful.

    Our advanced system presents material at the right intervals to optimize your individual learning. The curriculum is sequenced to introduce new skills in a way that stimulates your brain’s natural language learning ability.

    Advanced speech recognition technology analyzes every syllable, whenever you speak.

  • Live Conversations

    Rosetta Studio™ introduces you to real conversation in
 online sessions with language coaches who are native 
speakers. Supercharge your learning and experience 
everything communicating live has to offer.
  • Mobile Apps

    Learn and practice on the go-or sync and track
 your progress across multiple devices. Our available
 mobile apps for iPad®, iPhone® and Android™
tablets and smartphones make it easy.

Learn More

What you will learn

  • Gain proficiency with Rosetta Stone levels 1-5

  • Gain confidence by mastering basic conversational skills. This includes greetings, introductions, simple Q&As, and much more

  • Learn to navigate your environment and handle basic interactions. This includes giving and getting directions, using transportation, telling time, eating out and more

  • Discuss Entertainment, culture, government, and the marketplace. Level 5 is the place to refine and perfect your conversation skills.

Rosetta Stories

System Requirements

    Operating System (one of the following):
    • Windows 7.8 or higher
    • Mac (Intel based only): OS X 10.7 (Lion) or higher

    Computer Hardware (all of the following):
    • On Windows: 2.33Ghz or faster x86-compatible processor or intel® Atom™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor
    • 1 GB of RAM or higher
    • 600 MB Free hard-drive space (per level)
    • CD or DVD drive for installation
    • 1024 x 768 display resolution
    • Headset with microphone (included)
  • To access included online services:
    • Must have standard Broadband internet connection (slow internet connections will not suffice)
    • Must be 13 years of age or older
    • Online services must be activated within 6 months of purchase or are subject to forfeiture.


  • What is Rosetta Stone?

    Rosetta Stone is an interactive computer software program designed to make language acquisition easy and intuitive. It uses a mixture of words, pictures, speaking and listening in the course work. Rosetta Stone also provide live interactive tutors and a social network of other language learners to practice with! There's no books, no memorizing, no grammar tables.

  • How does the Rosetta Stone method work?

    Dynamic Immersion® is the cornerstone of the Rosetta Stone method. By eliminating translation and grammar explanations from language learning, Dynamic Immersion activates your own natural language-learning ability. You begin to think in your new language from the very beginning—the same way you learned your first language.

    You constantly interact with the software by connecting words with images to confirm their meaning—all through a carefully designed sequence that helps you build grammatically-accurate language structure step by step.

  • How much time will it take me to learn a new language with the Rosetta Stone solution?

    It will take about 40–50 hours to complete the content in each level. In addition, for the duration of your online services, you'll enjoy access to our live online sessions and online language-learning community to practice and refine your skills. Remember, each learner is different. Some will use the program on a daily basis, while others will log in less frequently. The more you use the Rosetta Stone® solution, the more quickly you'll learn a language.

  • How is the Rosetta Stone method different from traditional language learning?

    Traditional methods explain the meaning and structure of a new language through translation and grammar rules in your native language. As a result, you can't understand or use your new language without thinking in your native language. This extra step slows learning and makes speaking a new language intimidating and laborious. The Rosetta Stone® solution eliminates translation and tedious grammar explanations, allowing you to intuitively grasp new concepts, all while thinking exclusively in your new language.

    Unlike videos or books, our solution is all about interaction. At every step, you have to actively demonstrate your understanding of a new language. And Rosetta Stone software provides the opportunity to develop all your language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—from the beginning, using your own natural language-learning ability.

  • Does the Rosetta Stone solution work?

    Millions of learners around the world have discovered a language with the Rosetta Stone® solution—from individuals to corporate clients such as NASA, the US State Department, and more than 10,000 schools.

  • Do you teach with English translations? What if you need them? Will they ever come?

    From the very beginning, the language you're learning is the only one you will use. Meaning no direct translations, charts, or tables. Our approach prescribes no supplemental materials. Through listening, reading, speaking, and writing, you'll build the core building blocks. While it may be daunting to not have English translations to fall back on, we assure you it will come naturally. After all, it's how you learned to speak in the first place.

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