3M™ Command™ Damage-Free Poster Strips, Pack Of 48
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3M™ Command™ Damage-Free Poster Strips, Pack Of 48

Item # 544125 OfficeMax # 22135547
Holds fast to walls and removes cleanly for versatile decorating
  • Strips are easy to apply and easy to remove.
  • Adhesive leaves no marks or residue after removal.
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Poster Strips hold firmly, but come off cleanly — leaving no damage to walls or posters.
Holds fast to walls and removes cleanly for versatile decorating
  • Strips are easy to apply and easy to remove. 
  • Adhesive leaves no marks or residue after removal. 
  • Strips function on a variety of surfaces for versatile use.  Adheres to paint, wood, tile and more.

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Item # 544125 
Manufacturer # 17024-VP  
quantity 48
color White
size 1"
brand name 3M
manufacturer 3M Company
postconsumer recycled content 0%
total recycled content 0%

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Rated 4.8 out of 5�by 39 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5�by AMAZING ESSENTIAL!!!!! The 3M Command Poster Strips Value Pack is an essential tool I use throughout the year from easter to st. patrick's to halloween to xmas for a multitude of uses. Stringed lights attached to the ceilings/walls/gates/railings, wrapping paper/posters smoothed out on walls/doors/glass, and plastic action figures/ceramic figurines are all kept in place for amazing & perfect displays. I wish I could buy them by them in even larger quantities! February 5, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5�by Poster Strips Value Pack I work in elementary school that could only use Command strips on our walls. Myself plus school staff were supplied with the value packs and they worked beautifully! Strong and has easy removal. I recommend these to all my friends even for home use. I use at home all the time for small picture hanging. I love them. September 14, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5�by AMAZING Product I use the Poster strips for EVERYTHING! I have my magnet board, message board, pictures, art, and lots of craft products hung up without having to damage my walls. I love how easy they are to use and also how versatile they are! I think that they are one of the most used products in my home! We have at least 5 Command products in EACH room in our home and I think I have at least 40-50 of them in my Craft Room! LOVE them! July 21, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5�by Buy twice what you think you need When you see "48 strips" on the package, you need to bear in mind that it takes TWO interlocking strips at each contact point to make the strips work, so if you were planning to secure each of your posters' four corners, you can hang six posters with a pack of 48 strips, not twelve. I really wish this were more explicit on the site and on the product packaging. Finding that something costs twice as much to do as you thought it would #and potentially having to make a return trip to the store to buy more strips# is less than ideal. December 12, 2012
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8 months ago
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The hooks can be reused, you will just need to buy replacement adhesive, which you can find just about anywhere.
5 months ago
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We haved organized a multitude of very slim
programming cables with the 3M mini hooks for years now.. just moved to a new area and need to remount 50 to 60 of the hooks remounted. Need adhesive strips will these poster size work? Thanks
1 year, 5 months ago
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{"ipiCompatible":false,"tourViews":[{"hotspots":[{"hotspotY":0.5654761904761905,"captionFromAttr":"Change artwork easily with no damage.","direction":"left","media":{"sources":[{"width":206,"height":175,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-fbdfb462-e524-4490-bc43-6294f30c074c.tif.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"width":206,"height":175,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-fbdfb462-e524-4490-bc43-6294f30c074c.tif.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"}],"type":"IMAGE","runtimeSrc":{"width":206,"height":175,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-fbdfb462-e524-4490-bc43-6294f30c074c.tif.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"width":206,"height":175,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-fbdfb462-e524-4490-bc43-6294f30c074c.tif"}},"hotspotX":0.275},{"hotspotY":0.3273809523809524,"captionFromAttr":"Securely hang a clock (up to five pounds).","direction":"left","media":{"sources":[{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-10c45d01-8a0b-4f0c-8a83-7ea889dfb8cb.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-10c45d01-8a0b-4f0c-8a83-7ea889dfb8cb.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"}],"type":"IMAGE","runtimeSrc":{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-10c45d01-8a0b-4f0c-8a83-7ea889dfb8cb.jpg.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-10c45d01-8a0b-4f0c-8a83-7ea889dfb8cb.jpg"}},"hotspotX":0.33214285714285713},{"hotspotY":0.36904761904761907,"captionFromAttr":"Display your wire-backed frames with no nails.","direction":"left","media":{"sources":[{"width":347,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-1b1e2f29-8e1b-420d-9320-94eb797bdddb.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"width":347,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-1b1e2f29-8e1b-420d-9320-94eb797bdddb.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"}],"type":"IMAGE","runtimeSrc":{"width":347,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-1b1e2f29-8e1b-420d-9320-94eb797bdddb.jpg.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"width":347,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-1b1e2f29-8e1b-420d-9320-94eb797bdddb.jpg"}},"hotspotX":0.5464285714285714},{"hotspotY":0.6130952380952381,"captionFromAttr":"Keep everything organized.","direction":"left","media":{"sources":[{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-54a10c33-4f8b-4cca-93ff-cad8bf32d48f.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-54a10c33-4f8b-4cca-93ff-cad8bf32d48f.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"}],"type":"IMAGE","runtimeSrc":{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-54a10c33-4f8b-4cca-93ff-cad8bf32d48f.jpg.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-54a10c33-4f8b-4cca-93ff-cad8bf32d48f.jpg"}},"hotspotX":0.5071428571428571},{"hotspotY":0.5178571428571429,"captionFromAttr":"Hang calendars or small dry erase boards","direction":"left","media":{"sources":[{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-ff5bb989-cd16-4a26-a84a-4c10e2ecbe98.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-ff5bb989-cd16-4a26-a84a-4c10e2ecbe98.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"}],"type":"IMAGE","runtimeSrc":{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-ff5bb989-cd16-4a26-a84a-4c10e2ecbe98.jpg.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"width":267,"height":400,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-ff5bb989-cd16-4a26-a84a-4c10e2ecbe98.jpg"}},"hotspotX":0.4}],"viewImage":{"sources":[{"width":960,"height":575,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-68b19f92-30ec-4b8f-9396-5efdaae6074e.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"width":480,"height":287,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-68b19f92-30ec-4b8f-9396-5efdaae6074e.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"}],"runtimeSrc":{"width":1024,"height":614,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-68b19f92-30ec-4b8f-9396-5efdaae6074e.jpg.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"width":1024,"height":614,"src":"/_cp/products/1324648698993/tab-2a45f0d4-134b-402b-b1cf-45934fd81903/resource-68b19f92-30ec-4b8f-9396-5efdaae6074e.jpg"}}}]}
  1. Change artwork easily with no damage.
  2. Securely hang a clock (up to five pounds).
  3. Display your wire-backed frames with no nails.
  4. Keep everything organized.
  5. Hang calendars or small dry erase boards

Change artwork easily with no damage.

Securely hang a clock (up to five pounds).

Display your wire-backed frames with no nails.

Keep everything organized.

Hang calendars or small dry erase boards

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Damage-Free Hanging

  • No more nail holes, cracked plaster or sticky residue. One click tells you Picture Hanging Strips are locked in and holding tight.

    Decorating made quick and easy!

    • Repositionable making leveling a snap.
    • Great way to experiment with grouping pictures on a wall. You can redo the arrangement as often as you'd like with no damage to your walls.
    • Best of all, when you are ready to take down or move your pictures, they come off cleanly.
    • Hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, and tile.
    • Ideal for hanging frames, pictures, and decorative items.

    Command™ Picture Hanging Strips come in three sizes
    Small strips hold most 8" x 10" frames, medium strips hold most 18" x 24" frames and large strips hold most 24" x 36" frames.

    Available in black and white.

Easy to Apply & Remove


Complete Instructions


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