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Microsoft® Wireless Desktop 3000 Keyboard/Mouse Combo, Black Item # 634518 OfficeMax # 21890009

Microsoft® Wireless Desktop 3000 Keyboard/Mouse Combo, Black

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Mouse works on virtually any surface

  • Mouse with BlueTrack™ technology works in more places than either optical or laser mice.  Tracks on even granite countertops, carpet and rough wood tables.
  • 2.4GHz wireless connectivity provides reliable operation up to 30'.  Both keyboard and mouse support wireless, for less wire clutter on your desktop. The USB mini-transceiver stows conveniently under the mouse for easy portability.
  • Tilt-wheel on mouse allows 4-way scrolling.  The mouse also features 4 programmable buttons. Rubber side grips allow surer handling.
  • Low-profile keyboard has quiet, responsive keys.  Keyboard is spill-resistant, too.
  • Media Center controls let you control media playback from your keyboard. 
  • Enhanced function keys let you run common commands from your keyboard.  Hot Keys provide 1-touch access to popular functions. Andy there are 5 customizable "My Favorites" keys.
  • Magnifier function makes a region of your screen easier to see. 

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Item # 634518 
Manufacturer # MFC-00001  
number of buttons 4
one-touch Internet keys yes
plug and play yes
batteries included yes
brand name Microsoft
number of batteries required 4
wireless technology RF
transmission range 30 feet
mouse type wireless; BlueTrack
number of keys 104
receiver connector type USB
operating system compatibility Windows XP; Windows Vista; Mac OS X 10.2+
keyboard style low-profile
color Black
manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
warranty length 3-year limited
model name Wireless Desktop 3000
palm rest yes
battery size AA

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  • Compact Convenience, Modern Style

    Upgrade your laptop or desktop computer experience with this wireless keyboard and mouse set that packs an abundance of convenient features into modern design. The keyboard’s soft-touch palm rest and quiet keys lend an elegantly professional look and feel that you’ll enjoy day after day. And, the keyboard has function to match its form—enjoy the convenience of media playback controls, one-touch zoom, and customizable keyboard shortcut keys that access programs in the Windows Taskbar. Microsoft BlueTrack Technology in the mouse gives you precise control on just about any surface, while you experience comfort with rubber side grips and a mouse that’s slightly longer than more compact mice.1 Plus, you can wander up to 30 feet away and retain the wireless connection to your computer.


  • 1. Reliable 2.4-GHz Wireless
    Enjoy the 2.4-gigahertz (GHz) wireless technology, which delivers a reliable connection with up to a 30-foot range, with virtually no interference.

    2. BlueTrack Technology®
    Take advantage of BlueTrack Technology, which combines the power of optical with the precision of laser for remarkable tracking on virtually any surface.1

    3. Snap-in Mini-Transceiver
    Plug the wireless receiver into your computer’s USB port when you’re ready to work. Then snap it into the bottom of your mouse when you travel.

    4. Media Center
    Control media playback from your keyboard.

    5. Hot Keys
    Gain one-touch access to Windows Media Player, email, home, calculator, My Documents, zoom, instant messaging, and photos.

    6. Tilt Wheel and More
    Navigate fluidly with four-way scroll, five programmable buttons, rubber side grips, and magnifier.

    Device Stage
    Quickly and easily access common tasks, including product information, registration, settings, and more for popular devices such as cell phones, cameras, printers, and mouse, keyboard, and webcam products.

    Battery Status Indicators
    Avoid being caught with a dead battery. The battery status indicator glows red when the battery is running low.

    Three-Year Limited Warranty

    Windows Flip
    Easily switch between open windows with the click of a button.

    Spill-Resistant, Quiet Touch Keys
    Rely on the integrated water channels to capture liquid from accidental spills, saving the quiet, responsive, thin-profile keys.

    Enhanced F Keys
    Perform common commands from your keyboard.

    Advance your laptop style with this compact keyboard and mouse.

    Plug and Play Mini-Transceiver
    Move around freely with less clutter and a confident wireless connection.

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Windows 10

  • Get the most from Windows with PC Accessories built by Microsoft

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    Get the most from Windows with PC Accessories built by Microsoft

    Zoom your way around Windows

    Mice and keyboards make clicking and typing faster, easier, and more comfortable.

    The best of Windows, built right in

    With Windows buttons, the new Windows 10 features (Cortana, OneNote, Virtual Desktops) are just a click away.

    For all shapes and sizes

    Running Windows 10 on a phone? Tablet? Laptop? Desktop? — Microsoft has the right accessories to help you get work done and do great things.

    Quality you know and trust

    Microsoft PC accessories are designed by our company to bring out the best of our Windows software.

BlueTrack Technology

  • These mice will track on everything from a granite countertop to the carpet in an airport terminal.

    Love your laptop computer but hate using the trackpad when you are out of range of a traditional desk? Now, you can use a mouse on more surfaces than ever before, with Microsoft BlueTrack Technology.1

  • Exciting, exceptional accuracy

    Use a mouse with BlueTrack Technology that outperforms laser and optical mice. The large, blue beam combined with an image sensor and pixel geometry designed by Microsoft, generates a high-contrast picture of the surface that allows exceptional tracking accuracy.

  • Track on just about anything

    Navigate your computer by using a BlueTrack Technology mouse on a picnic table, your living room floor, the armrest of a lobby chair, or even your pant leg. With BlueTrack Technology, you can use the mouse on almost any type of surface.

  • Stronger sensitivity

    See that blue light coming from under the mouse? The BlueTrack Technology light beam is more than four times larger than the average laser beam used in other laser mice, so you can point, click, and scroll with precision, no matter where you are.

System Requirements

  • For a Windows-based computer

    Computer/Operating System
    Requires a PC that meets the requirements for and has installed one of these operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (excluding 64-bit).

    Hard Drive
    100 MB

    • USB
    • 4 AA alkaline batteries required (included)
  • For a Macintosh-based computer

    Computer/Operating System
    Mac OS X v10.2x2 –10.5x3 .

    Hard Drive
    30 MB

    • USB
    • 4 AA alkaline batteries required (included)
  • You must accept License Terms for software download.

    Software download required for full functionality of all features.

    Internet access required for certain features. Local and/or long-distance telephone toll charges may apply.


  1. 1 BlueTrack Technology does not work on clear glass or mirrored surfaces.
  2. 2 Users of Mac OS X v10.2.x must install enclosed IntelliType Pro and IntelliPoint software before connecting the hardware.
  3. 3 Dashboard will only work with Mac OS X v10.4 or higher. Exposé will only work with Mac OS X v10.3† or higher. †Users of Mac OS X v10.3.x must upgrade to Mac OS X v10.3.9 before connecting hardware OR install the enclosed IntelliType Pro and IntelliPoint software before connecting the hardware.
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