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Krazy® Glue, Original Formula, Clear, .07 Oz. Tube Item # 648018

Krazy® Glue, Original Formula, Clear, .07 Oz. Tube
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  • Material Safety Data Sheet

Resists running and is ideal for porous surfaces like ceramics

  • Works on plastic, metal, rubber and glass!
  • Brush applicator provides surface coverage for larger areas or hard-to-reach places.


    Resists running and is ideal for porous surfaces like ceramics

    • Works on plastic, metal, rubber and glass!  Choose from the original 1-drop applicator tip or the precision applicator — a larger-sized bottle that features a no-clog, precision applicator tip.
    • Brush applicator provides surface coverage for larger areas or hard-to-reach places. 
    • 4-pack of single-use tubes come in a handy carrying case. 

    Product Details

    Item # 648018 
    Manufacturer # KG58548R  
    brand name Krazy Glue
    glue color Clear
    Product Type glue
    washable no
    container weight 0.07 oz
    manufacturer Elmer's Products, Inc.
    quantity 1 item(s)
    permanent/removable permanent

    Customer Reviews

    Rated 1 out of 5�by 1 reviewer.
    Rated 1 out of 5�by Porduct I was disappointed today when I open my Krazy glue package to use for the first time. The glue was hard. Nothing came out of the tube. February 4, 2011
    • 2015-11-27 T06:19:56.007-06:00
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    Product FAQ

    • How do I remove Krazy Glue® from my plastic glasses lens?
    • Krazy Glue can be removed with acetone. However, acetone is a pretty powerful solvent and can damage some types of plastic. A safer solvent is nitromethane that can usually be found at specialty hobby stores. Look for products called "de-bonders" containing the nitromethane component. Always be sure to test whatever solvent you choose on an inconspicuous area first to check for compatibility issues.
    • How can I prolong the useful life of my Krazy Glue® tube?
    • Water vapor is the catalyst that activates the Krazy Glue bond. Since moisture is present in the air at all times, an open tube of Krazy Glue will "cure" very quickly. To prolong the useful life of your tube, always replace the cap immediately. You may also consider Single-Use Packages containing 0.5 grams of Krazy Glue so you can use each tube once and throw it away.
    • Is there anything Krazy Glue® can’t bond?
    • Though it works with most, Krazy Glue cannot bond all materials. For best results, please do not use on paper, foam, rear view mirrors, polyethylene, Teflon® or other fluorocarbons. Check out our different formulas to find the glue that is best for the materials you are bonding.
    • How is Krazy Glue® different from ordinary glue?
    • The traditional white glue you used in elementary school works by filling in the microscopic pores on surfaces and forming a latex bond.

      The chemical name for Krazy Glue is ethyl cyanoacrylate - a non-toxic, colorless, extremely fast-acting, strong adhesive. In its pure form, it can lift 2000 pounds per square inch.

      Krazy Glue requires a "trigger" to activate its adhesive properties. Fortunately, that catalyst is common water, naturally present on almost any surface on earth. That is why it is important to always keep the glue container sealed tightly when it is not being used.

    • How much Krazy Glue® should I use?
    • You may be able to use less than you think. We’ve tested Krazy Glue and discovered that one single drop can hold up to 2,000 lbs.—without even pulling apart. With this said, using too much glue or spreading glue will result in a poor bond or no bond at all.

      Krazy Glue bonds with the surface of a part on a molecular level. If the surface has dirt, grease, or oil on it the bond will be formed with them instead of with the part itself. Therefore pieces to be glued should be clean and dry before applying Krazy Glue.

      Dampen porous ceramics on one side and apply Krazy Glue to the dry side only. Wood surfaces should be sanded or planed flat with paint, varnish or glue residue removed.

    • How do I remove Krazy Glue® from my counter tops?
    • Krazy Glue can be removed with acetone. Acetone is the key ingredient in most nail polish removers. You can also find acetone at your local hardware or paint store. Apply the solvent to a paper towel and place it on the stain until the glue has softened. The softened glue can then be removed with a clean dry towel. Always test the solvent on an inconspicuous area first to check for discoloration or compatibility issues.

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    All Purpose Krazy Glue®

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    1. The All Purpose Formula
    2. Precision Tip
    3. Tube
    4. Bonds

    The All Purpose Formula

    One glue, infinite uses. The All Purpose Formula is great for everyday household repairs. Our versatile All purpose formula bonds to a wide variety of surfaces

    Precision Tip

    One drop applicator


    The self-piercing nozzle makes opening the tube a breeze. Ideal for porous surfaces like ceramic and pottery.


    The All Purpose Formula works great on ceramic, plastic, wood, porcelain, metal, leather, rubber, vinyl and more.
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    About Krazy Glue

    • What is Krazy Glue?

      The chemical name for Krazy Glue is ethyl cyanoacrylate. Defined as a non-toxic, colorless, fast- acting adhesive, it can hold up to 2,000lbs. per square inch. A catalyst is required to activate Krazy Glue. Commonly water, which is present on almost any surface, it makes it even more important to always keep the glue container sealed tightly.
    • How does it work?

      A little Krazy Glue goes a long way. Requiring only a small amount to form a bond, our glue works best on smaller surfaces. With a light touch, it bonds instantly—no chemical catalyst, clamps, vices or other heat sources necessary.
    • What’s the best way to use it?

      Clean and dry surface thoroughly. Remove paint, old glue or other substances. Sand or plane your wood to make a flat surface. Remove oil and dust from metal surfaces. For best results, clean metal with an acetone solvent. Squeeze a small amount of Krazy Glue onto surface. Use one drop per square inch—too much will take longer to bond, or may not bond at all. Join the parts and press for 30 seconds. Make sure that the parts are stable, and allow it to set for a few minutes. For maximum strength, allow the glue to cure overnight. Once you’re finished using Krazy Glue, keep it fresh by closing the container tightly and storing in a cool, dark place.

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    Formula All purpose All Purpose All Purpose Maximum Bond Maximum Bond Gel All Purpose
    Applicator Precision Tip Precision Tip Brush On Precision Tip Precision Tip Single Use
    Tube Size 2-gram 2-gram 5-gram 5-gram 4-gram 0.5oz
    Tube Quantity 1 2 1 1 1 4
        Krazy Glue

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