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Porelon 42-2 Replacement Ink Rollers, Black/Red, Pack Of 2
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Porelon 42-2 Replacement Ink Rollers, Black/Red, Pack Of 2

Item # 848564 OfficeMax # 20958028
  • Greener choice ? contains 25% postconsumer recycled content.
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Pricing, Assortment and Availability

  • Compatible Adler models:
    • 4212, 4212 PD
    • 4212 PD: Carat, Nova
  • Compatible Allen R.C. models:
    • 007
  • Compatible AT&T models:
    • AT-320, AT-360
  • Compatible Ativa models:
    • AT-P2000
  • Compatible Aurora models:
    • 14PD, 87PD, PR190, PR620M
  • Compatible Canon models:
    • CP13, MP12D, MP120DH, MP120DL, MP120DLE, P2-DH, P15-D, P22-D, P22-DX, P23-DE, P23-DH
    • P23-DH: II, III, V, VG
    • P26-DH, P32-D, P120-DH, P121-DH, P160-DH, P170-DH, P200-DH
    • P200-DH: II, III
    • P220-DH
  • Compatible Casio models:
    • 1215S, 2215, FR-50, FR-110, FR-110HT, FR-110S, FR-120C, FR-125, FR-125S, FR-127, FR-320, FR-520, FR-1110, FR-2215C, FR-2215S, FR-2600, FR-2650, FR-2650A, FR-2650 Plus, HR-18, HR-21, HR-100LC, HR-100T, HR-100TE, HR-100TE Plus, HR-100TM, HR-100TM Plus, HR-110S, HR-120T, HR-150LC, HR-150LC Plus, HR-150LCS, HR-150LS Plus, HR-150TE, HR-150TE Plus, HR-150TM, HR-150TM Plus, HR-160L, HR-170L, HR-170LB
  • Compatible Citizen models:
    • CX-55, CX-88, CX-110, CX-115, CX-123, CX-212, CX-215, CX-220
  • Compatible Epson models:
    • M31T, M32T
  • Compatible Euroka models:
    • 10 EX, IMP 0085
  • Compatible Facit models:
    • 2267, C250, C255, C260, C275
  • Compatible Grundig models:
    • Gd2000
  • Compatible Ibico models:
    • 1202, 1212, 1214, 1215, 1219, 1222
  • Compatible Marchant models:
    • 125PD
  • Compatible MBO models:
    • 1241PD, 1242PD
  • Compatible Monroe models:
    • 12PD, SB-612, SB-1212
  • Compatible Niko models:
    • 1231 PD, 1232 PD
  • Compatible Olivetti models:
    • Divisumma 12, Gioconda, HD7100
    • Logos: 93EU, 94EU
    • Summa 13 EU
  • Compatible Olympia models:
    • CPD-123
  • Compatible Optima models:
    • Elite 120PD
  • Compatible Pacesetter models:
    • 15PD
  • Compatible Panasonic models:
    • 1AYOP, JE-651P, JE-654NP, JE-656P, JE-659P, JE-661P, JE-765P
  • Compatible Radio Shack models:
    • EC3021
  • Compatible Royal models:
    • 224 PD, 226 PD, 228 PD, 770 HD, 910 PD, 912 PD, 930 PD, 2240, 4212PD, 4212 PD Nova, 4214 PD, 6800 PD, 7600 HD, 7800 HD, 8112 PD, 9300, 9500, EZVue 7800HD, Timemaster TC100
  • Compatible Sanyo models:
    • CX5322DP, CY5322DP, ECR140, Serd 1212
  • Compatible Sharp models:
    • EL-1614, EL-1620, EL-1620S, EL-1626, EL-1626H, EL-1750, EL-1750P
    • EL-1750P: II, III
    • EL-1750V, EL-1801P, EL-1801P III, EL-1801V, EL-2192, EL-2620, EL-2620S, EL-2626, EL-2626H, EL-2628, VX-1614
  • Compatible Staples models:
    • SPL-P500
  • Compatible Swintec models:
    • 301DP
  • Compatible Teal models:
    • 212PD
  • Compatible Texas Instruments models:
    • TI-5032 SVC, TI-5035, TI-5035 II, TI-5045
    • TI-5045: II, IIA, SV
  • Compatible Tricom models:
    • 1265MPD
  • Compatible Triumph Adler models:
    • 4212 PD, 4212 PD Nova
  • Compatible Unisonic models:
    • XL-1136, XL-1248, XL-1249, XL-1257, XL-1267
  • Compatible Victor models:
    • 1208-2, 1210-2, 1210-3A, 1212, 1212-2, 1212-3A, 1220-2, 1220-2 (newer models; two-color), 1220-3, 1220-4, 1225-2, 1225-3A, 1228, 1228-2, 1230, 1230-2, 1230-3, 1245, 1297, PD1245
  • Greener choice ? contains 25% postconsumer recycled content. 

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Item # 848564 
Manufacturer # 11204  
brand name Porelon
manufacturer Porelon
model name 42-2
ink color Black; Red
quantity 2
Eco conscious Recycled Content
compatible machine models Adler models: 4212, 4212 PD; 4212 PD: Carat, Nova; Allen R.C. models: 007; AT&T models: AT-320, AT-360; Ativa models: AT-P2000; Aurora models: 14PD, 87PD, PR190, PR620M; Canon models: CP13, MP12D, MP120DH, MP120DL, MP120DLE, P2-DH, P15-D, P22-D, P22-DX, P23-DE, P23-DH; P23-DH: II, III, V, VG; P26-DH, P32-D, P120-DH, P121-DH, P160-DH, P170-DH, P200-DH; P200-DH: II, III; P220-DH; Citizen models: CX-55, CX-88, CX-110, CX-115, CX-123, CX-212, CX-215, CX-220; Epson models: M31T, M32T; Summa 13 EU
postconsumer recycled content 25%
print technology calculator; cash register/POS device
total recycled content 25%

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Porelon 42-2 Replacement Ink Rollers, Black/Red, Pack Of 2 3 5 16 16
Too Bad Nothing Else On The Market I purchased this item numerous times for a Casio & Canon calculator and both had the same problem with this ink replacement. The red ink blotches so badly that if you didn't know what the number 'should be', it would be unreadable. I compared the original ink pad to this pad and found that the roller on the original is bigger. The roller on this pad is too small to get a good number to print therefore causing this problem. Too bad the makers of these products don't offer their own ink replacements!!! As consumers, we are 'stuck' with what is on the market! I will take one of the other reviewer's suggestion to try putting 'ink' on the original and see if that will help. Thanks for the tip and wish me success! November 8, 2014
Quality Last year, I bought one for use about half year,between that even I refill some ink. But this time , I bought a new one just use about a month and it was dry quickly and not neat. August 20, 2014
Great Ink Roller These Ink Rollers fit my Sharp EL-1750V calculator just fine. So glad to have found these. My local stationery store doesn't carry them. August 2, 2014
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