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Choosing the Right Paper Template
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Use with Office Depot Premium Papers
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Use with Cardinal Premium Papers
Wilson Jones Brand
Use with Wilson Jones Papers
Bumper Stickers
Business Cards
Index Divider Templates
Inkjet Labels
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Multipurpose Labels
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Name Badge
Paper Templates
Office Depot Brand
Multipurpose Labels
  1. Click on the appropriate link to open the template
  2. When saving the template choose "Save As" and save to your computer
  3. Open the document and edit the type as needed
  4. Print a test sheet on plain paper to ensure that the content is properly aligned
  5. Insert specialty paper into your printer and print your document(s)
Download Instructions for Multipurpose Labels

  Microsoft Word Format Microsoft Works Format WordPerfect Format
150-247 Multi-Purpose Flag
220-424 Duoprint File Folder
220-464 Duoprint File Folder
220-472 Duoprint File Folder
612-381 Copier Address
754-461 Multi-purpose Name Badge
799-768 Multi-purpose Return Address
801-028 Multi-purpose Address
523-590 Crayon Back to School Labels
837594_Multi Color_Multi Purpose_Round
837459_Neon Multi Color_Multi Purpose_round
837423_White_Mailing Seal_round
837414_Dark Blue_Multi Purpose_round
837396_Yellow_Multi Purpose_round
837378_Light Green_Multi Purpose_round
760209_Multi Color_filefolder_Label
759957_White_Multi Purpose_permanent
759858_Silver Mailing Seal__round_permanent
759849_White_Multi Purpose_permanent
660543_White_Multi Purpose_removable
660534_White_Multi Purpose_round
660516_White_Multi Purpose_round
648393_Red_Multi Purpose_round
648357_Orange_Multi Purpose_round
648348_Green_Multi Purpose_round
648339_Blue_Multi Purpose_round
648294_White_Multi Purpose_removable
648279_White_Multi Purpose_removable
648267_White_Multi Purpose_removable
498802_White_Multi Purpose
Back Wilson Jones Brand

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