Seating Guide

Choose The Right Chair For The Best Results!

How Do You Spend Your Workday?

Mostly on the Computer?

Choose the most support and adjustability your budget can afford; helps protect you against fatigue and injuries caused by sitting for long stretches in the same position

Features to look for:

  • Height-Adjustable Arms
  • Adjustable Tilt Angle
  • Seat Pneumatic Height Adjustment
  • Sloping "waterfall" seat promotes bloodflow through the legs
  • Seat that offers more support by evenly distributing body weight
  • Armrests that are fully adjustable, so that you can still stay close enough to your desk, to work comfortably
  • Lumbar support in lower back area to keep your back properly aligned and prevent muscle strain caused by slumping

Administrative Multi-tasking?

(Computer, filing, paperwork)
Choose good quality support with moderate adjustability

Features to look for:

  • A convex-shape in lower back area for lumbar support
  • Seat Height Adjustment
  • "Sloping waterfall" seat promotes bloodflow through the legs

Is Mobility Important?

  • Do you tend to wheel around your workspace between machines/tasks?
  • For best mobility: consider chairs without armrests; won't get in the way when wheeling between desk, copier, filing cabinet and back
  • If you still prefer armrests: choose adjustable ones to minimize interference

Sharing the Chair with Others?

(call or service centers, shift work, nurse's stations)
Features to ensure it fits everyone:
  • Height-adjustable seat and back
  • Fully-adjustable arms
  • Multi-position tilt-lock

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