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Bookcases: Wood & Shelf Bookcases

Functionality and style come together with the Office Depot® collection of bookcases. From guest rooms to home offices, you'll find wood bookcases and shelf bookcases to complement every room in your house.

As outlined below, Office Depot® bookcases, including both wood bookcases and shelf bookcases, serve many purposes other than simply displaying books:

  • Wood bookcases, in particular, make great staging areas for your home or office.

    Using the "less is more" philosophy of interior decorating, place a single, tasteful houseplant in the middle of the bookcase with books above and below to help "break up" and distribute the look. A small fish bowl complete with a live goldfish adds a "living" element to the look and further softens your space.
  • Awards, plaques and articles of achievement, such as diplomas, are right at home on your bookcase and shelf bookcases as they lend a level of accomplishment to your home or office.
  • Photo albums and pictures of your friends, family and pets complement any wood bookcase or shelf bookcase as they add the personal touch your home or office needs.
  • Decorating your bedroom? Shop our assortment of shelf bookcases, available in many different finishes including dark alder and classic cherry. Shelf bookcases not only add to the decorative feel of a room, but they also make fantastic display shelves for some of your favorite books and other collectibles. When decorating your shelf bookcase, consider the following:

    • Is the item you're displaying something you often need to gain access to, such as a live plant? If so, place the shelf at a convenient level so that you don't need to reach too high to water the plant, etc.
    • If the items you're displaying on your shelf bookcase aren't something you refer to often but are merely for display purposes only, consider how the shelf looks in relation to the room, including the windows and doors in the room, etc.

    If you need a bookcase for your home or home office, whether it be a wood bookcase or a shelf bookcase, look no further than our selection of wood bookcases. Store your books, awards or other decorative pieces on the bookcase of your choice for an added touch that's pleasing to the eye and keeps the clutter at bay.

    From shelf bookcases to display wall units, you'll find it all right here at Office Depot®.

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