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Boxes: Moving Boxes,Storage Boxes & More

Control your clutter with storage boxes from Office Depot. Available in a wide range of sizes, our boxes let you neatly label and store your files and mementos for a clutter-free space you'll love. Whether you need sturdy storage boxes for your old tax returns or a bunch of moving boxes for your office relocation, we have the boxes you need to get the job done as fast and as efficient as possible.

Alternative uses for Office Depot® moving and storage boxes:

  • Every organization has a storage room or two stuffed with lots of equipment to be used at a later date. Using moving boxes and storage boxes from Office Depot®, you can completely organize these storage rooms and the contents within them. This promotes a clutter-free workplace and emphasizes the importance or organization and its role toward maximizing efficiency and the bottom line.
  • Most offices have kitchens and just about all of them have at least one bathroom. Rather than having the related supplies of these two rooms packed into cabinets where they can tip over and make a mess, consider using Office Depot® moving boxes and storage boxes, many of which are the perfect size for these kinds of items.
  • Does your office have a recycle program? Office Depot® moving boxes and storage boxes are great when used as a backdrop for your recycle programs including clothing drives and canned food drives.
  • Does your company have a few extra workspaces that are empty, making your company look as though you've had lots of lay-offs or that you've had to downsize? Office Depot® moving boxes and storage boxes topped with a simple tablecloth can add color to the space and evoke a cheerful feeling into the environment. Afterwards, when the space is taken by a new employee, the boxes can be moved to another vacant space or used for other things around the office.

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