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Business Card Holders & More

Keep your cards right at your fingertips with business card holders from Office Depot®. Whether you need something you can carry with you or you need something to hold business cards at your office, with our wide selection of business card holders, you'll find just the thing you need to keep your cards looking crisp and "fresh-out-of-the box."

What's one of the most underrated "must have" items in business today?

  • You guessed it, it's business card holders. It may seem funny or sound overly simplistic, but the business card holder is a very important part of your desk at work. First, it portrays you as an organized, important professional and second, it keeps your desk organized so you always know where "your card" is when you need to hand one out.
  • A folded, discolored or soiled business card can signal a warning to your colleagues, candidates and others. With business card holders, you can avoid these and related mishaps.
  • Business card holders serve a similar purpose to your displayed diploma, awards you've won and honors you've received. They all signify your status and relevance to the people within the company you represent.
  • Portable business card holders have relevance as well. When you pull out a portable business card holder at a meeting or business function rather than simply pulling out a stack of business cards with a rubber band around it, it alerts the person about the receive "your card" that you are a true, organized, serious professional.
  • Business card catalogs keep all those other business cards you've collected in alphabetical order or any other order you wish so you can find contacts quicker and easier.

At Office Depot®, we realize just how big the little things in business and life are. That's why we offer such a wide selection of business and personal solutions to help you keep your life in order —including business card holders. So just choose the business card holders you need and start shopping the selection!

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